Panorama Replacement Feature: remove graphics and attribution

The Panorama Replacement Feature allows you to easily upload a new version of your panoramas without any graphics or attribution.


  • Why should I upload panoramas with no graphics or attribution?

Panoramas with added graphics are much LESS likely to be licensed by our customers. By uploading panoramas WITHOUT any added graphics you can increase your chances to earn royalties from your work.


  • How do I upload a new version of my panorama without any graphics?

It’s easy and fast with this feature:

  1. Sign in your account and go to your Dashboard and click on Replace Images.
  2. Select the panorama you want to replace or look for it with keywords.
  3. Click “Replace” and then browse to the graphics-free version of your panorama you’d like to upload. You’ll have the chance to improve your panorama’s metadata (title, description and tags).

Panorama Replacement Feature

Don’t forget that metadata is crucial for your panoramas to be found by our licensing customers.

Spend a few minutes reviewing how to write good metadata for your panoramas here.

  1. Your panorama will now be replaced with the new version. Note that the image will go through our review process again.

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