Interesting articles about VR – week #23

The 5 Virtual Reality Experiences to Try on Your Phone


No need to attend festivals or buy expensive viewing gear to live some of the most moving virtual reality documentaries; in fact, many can be experienced from the comfort of one’s living room provided you have a smartphone − ideally of the latest generation − and a good internet connection or data plan.

Top 6 Incredible Uses of Medical Virtual Reality


It’s been a year now since the launch of the Oculus and the HTC Vive, and the VR-hype-train seems to only be accelerating in 2017. It almost stands to reason to assume that gaming and entertainment are still the two primary content drivers behind the technology, yet other areas and industries of our day-to-day life seems to have gradually built up courage and taken a look at what made VR appetizing, and then applied it to their own fields of work. We’ve seen educational content for schools, commercial examples engaging consumers and yes – even medical virtual reality, which we will be discussing today.


MindMaze’s MASK is a Practical and Promising Approach to VR Face-tracking


MindMaze, a neurotechnology startup, is developing a simple, low-cost approach to face-tracking called MASK—claimed to be compatible with any VR headset—that can map significantly more life-like expressions onto your virtual avatar.


Google Expeditions and Daydream VR Makes the World an AR Classroom


Google Cardboard offers VR immersive experiences in all areas, and education is no exception. Now accessible to everyone, Google Expeditions was first designed specifically for teachers and students.


4 things virtual reality can change in education


Three-dimensional worlds have emerged as a new trend in education; starting the new era of interactive and experiential learning. Traditional classrooms and distance education both can avail the merits of these technologies. We can redefine three-dimensional worlds as the integration of desktop interactive Virtual Reality within the ambit of chat environment. The best education system constrains pedagogy, social interaction, and technology. The education system confining these things beyond the classroom walls promises an immersive and learner-centered self-exploration.


10 best 360 camera apps – The ultimate guide 2017


New immersive user experiences and technologies are here! 360 camera apps and newest cameras for panoramic images are revolutionizing photography, social media and even marketing. With our mobile devices we can take all-round panoramic pictures to view them in stunning details. Mobile apps and phones’ cameras can take us to virtual tours of any place on Earth.


The History of Virtual Reality Evolution


Virtual Reality has come a long way from being first coined by Jaron Lanier in 1987 to the release of Google Cardboard in 2014, it has become more accessible to the masses. From telephones to wearable, gaming to artificial intelligence, virtual reality has evolved tremendously and is evolving further. The promise of virtual reality has always been enormous, so much so as to throw off the shackles of the mundane through a metaphysical transportation to an altered state. Born of technology, virtual reality at its core is an organic experience. Yes, it is man meets machine but what happens is strictly in the mind.


‘Testimony’ Uses VR to Create an Opportunity to Heal Sexual Assault Trauma and Raise Awareness


Testimony is one of the most profound and powerful applications of virtual reality that I’ve seen so far. It’s an experimental documentary that captures the stories of sexual assault from five women broken up into five segments. You’re completely immersed within a virtual sphere with these five stories that are represented as sequences of circles on different lines. As you look at a specific circle, it comes into the full frame and plays a 2D video segments from that victim either sharing their story of sexual assault, the aftermath, their process of healing, or their ideas for how to reform the criminal justice system. The depth of immersion and intimacy that the virtual reality medium enables allows you have much more capacity to provide your full attention and to bear witness to these stories of deep emotional intensity. It’s a radical application of VR that represents a revolutionary approach to healing from trauma.


VR startups go into cockroach mode to survive barren consumer market


The VR industry continues to ride out the trough of disillusionment, prodded by the big tech players like HTC that hope to jumpstart a market that is ultimately driven by genuine and organic consumer demand, but there’s no sign of this actually happening. There might be some traction that pundits base their optimistic forecasts on, but hardly any of that is organic. Rather, it’s a reflection of massive marketing dollars at play.


Apple Wants In On Virtual and Augmented Reality


On Monday at WWDC, Apple announced some major changes to their Software & Hardware lineups that go all in on VR/AR and high performance rendering. After serious criticism on their last Macbook release, they needed to address the concerns about their machines performance if they wanted to take back the interest from creators they lost over the last couple years – And it looks like we finally have the answers we wanted.


For a child getting chemo, virtual reality games at hospital can feel like Disney


Seth Oliva’s favorite virtual reality simulation game takes him through the human body, where microscopic parts like red and white blood cells are so close, it feels like he can touch them.

“They help me to get my mind off of all the things that are happening to me,” says Seth of the virtual reality goggles, which immerse the 8-year-old in a 3D world where he can bowl, tour space or explore the human body.


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