Interesting articles about VR – week #24

Top five virtual reality headsets in 2017


Whether you want to get the complete experience of games or movies virtual reality headsets comes very handy.

It’s a great fun to have a 360-degree view of exotic places and sceneries. Take your gaming to a new high.



When the New York-based research firm Nielsen issues a consumer report, brands pay attention, and deservedly so, as the firm has more than simply paid its dues. The firm issued a report on June 10th, and it is a very positive one for the Virtual Reality industry as a whole.


Marina Abramović & Jeff Koons front new online VR gallery


Marina Abramović, Jeff Koons and Olafur Eliasson are premiering artwork on a new major virtual reality arts platform, Acute Art.

The three interactive works from the iconic contemporary artists were previewed at Stockholm’s Brilliant Minds this week. The VR digital gallery hopes to explore and encourage art’s transition from the physical art word to the new age of online. The project officially launches in Autumn 2017 with plans to bring in young and emerging artists.


Virtual Reality Video Will Be Worth $3 Billion By 2021: PwC study


Earlier this year, Turner Sports and CBS broadcast six NCAA basketball championship games in virtual reality. During the NBA regular season, NextVR streamed one weekly regular season NBA LEAGUE PASS game in virtual reality, and a company executive told NBC Sports that VR audiences “continued to surge.” Last week, MLB announced it would live stream one out-of-market game a week with Intel True VR.


Where’s The Xbox One X VR?


Microsoft’s Xbox One X reveal was certainly well received. Formerly known as Project Scorpio, the world’s most powerful videogame console is set to launch this November, priced at $499 USD. However, despite Microsoft assuring us at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that the console would be virtual reality (VR) compatible, there was no confirmation of exactly when or how this would happen.


Augmented Reality in Education


Augmented reality in education will soon revolt learning as we know it. AR will fully change location and timing of study process and open additional ways and methods. Finally, AR capabilities may make classes more transformational and engaging.   

Educators know for sure that learning can’t include just learning and reading parts. It should have creative and interactive elements as well. Meanwhile there is for no need pedagogues  to become students’ best friend to get them involved into science. Everything pedagogues need is to get students interested in subject and AR helps it a lot.




As competition in the property market heats up, developers are seeking new ways of attracting buyers – one recent attempt makes use of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR).


Opinion: 6 reasons why VR isn’t ready to succeed, and 1 reason why it will


Virtual reality*, or VR, has the potential to break one of the basic tenets of photography: that it’s fundamentally a medium based on looking at an image, rather than being immersed in, or part of, an image. However, despite years of technology development, VR has never quite gained traction beyond tech enthusiasts.


10+ Awesome Games for the Oculus Rift 2017


Since that summer a handful of years ago, Oculus has become one of the first few brands associated with the term “Virtual Reality” games, and that’s not surprising, given their history. From a basement project to a 2 billion trade-off to the team over at Facebook, Oculus has been the first brand to etch it’s logo into the virtual reality hall-of-fame. Since its official launch of the first consumer version (CV1) back in 2016, talented and award-winning developers from every corner of the planet have been busy creating new and exciting content for us to try with this new type of immersive technology.


Pentagon to help soldiers see better by using augmented reality headset


Pentagon has developed the augmented reality headset for soldiers. This AR headset will make war feel more like the shooting game. According to the pentagon’s official,” This technology will give soldiers more situational awareness. It will allow them to map and located the fellow troops better.”


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