Interesting articles about VR – week #29

Virtual Reality E-Commerce. How to Win with VR/AR?


Customer satisfaction, brand awareness, sales process efficiency… How to improve them? Retail businesses are on the permanent search of new solutions. And IT sphere is steadily generating new ideas. One of the most recent tech inventions is virtual reality e-commerce. Combining the features of traditional shops and the ones on the internet, it makes the shopping experience more friendly.



A report from the U.S. Department of Labor estimated that up to 65% of today’s primary school students will work in fields that don’t currently exist. It’s very likely that VR will fill the majority of the “fields that don’t currently exist”. No wonder, VR is the first technology ever that will turn any classroom into a virtual world, in which students can explore deeper and get emotionally excited about the topic they’re learning, making it possible to do a virtual field trip every day.



Blocks is a VR app developed by Google so anyone can immerse themselves in a 3D world, quickly and easily creating objects there. Jason Toff, Group Product Manager, says, “It occurred to us that creating the objects while in virtual reality could make this easier.”

NOW Is The Perfect Time To Become a VR Developer: Where To Start


If you are a 30-something like me and missed your opportunity to ride the wave of the smartphone era, then VR is probably your chance. New platforms like this come about once every 20 years and being part of it is a great career and business chance. Don’t wanna miss it, right?

Photography Business Booms with 360° Cameras


Can 360° photography provide an extra revenue stream to photographers and design studios? What does it take to get started with a first project to test the technology and, more importantly, test the results with customers?

How to use Virtual Reality in 2017: VR Headset, VR Games, VR Apps and VR Glasses


Day by day is growing our interest toward Virtual Reality. What is it exactly? What is a VR Headset? How can I play to a VR Game? Let’s go on, because it will be an awesome trip.

TheWaveVR Gains Traction Via Avoiding The Skeuomorphic Design That Hinders Virtual Reality Adoption


No one doubts that Virtual Reality adoption will continue to accelerate as — due to Gordon Moore’s Law — prices come down while quality goes up. Who knows what the “killer app” will be that propels this technology across the (Geoffrey Moore) Chasm from early adopters to the mainstream…but something will.

7 Things You May Have Missed At Vision VR/AR Summit 2017


With three concurrent tracks, a packed showcase, mixers, and of course the opportunity to reconnect with XR friends (maybe to discuss Richard Dawkins’ keynote presentation), Vision Summit 2017 had so much great content this year that there were some tough choices to make regarding which sessions to attend — so we’ve recapped some highlights, all of which are now available on YouTube!


Preliminary Results Show That VR HMDs Have The Potential To Positively Impact Eyesight In Young Users


As virtual reality technology advances rapidly, VR devices have become part of everyday life for many folks around the world. At present, most VR HMD designs often contain a single focal plane for both eyes. The design is structurally simple and widely user-friendly. Compared with traditional VRs intended for specialized and short-term use scenarios, the current VR technologies are expected to be used in general, long-term use scenarios. However, the users constantly focus their eyes at a fixed distance when using HMDs, which raises concerns of severe eye fatigue or even potential harm caused by VR HMDs. As VR technologies have brought dramatic changes and ground-breaking innovations to various industries, these concerns bring uncertainty to the development of the industry.


Here’s Six More ARKit Projects to Get Excited About


Since its launch just over a month ago, amateur and professional developers alike have used Apple ARKit to create experiences ranging from practical (AR measuring tape, anyone?) to out of this world (this interdimensional portal is still blowing our minds)—and there seems to be no end in sight. We’ve already covered some of the hottest, most innovative, and flat-out craziest stuff being made with ARKit so far; but with so many amazing experiences being produced by the day, it’s worth taking a look at a few more. Here’s the latest and greatest from we’ve spotted from @madewithARKit and beyond.


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