Editors‘ picks – Amazing aerial shots

If you missed our weekly review of the most wonderful panoramic shots uploaded by our community photographers, we’ve got some news for you – we’re back and you can be sure there’s a number of amazing panoramas ready for you!

Sunset over Livorno by Federico Debetto

This week we have some brilliant aerial panos for you and we start in beautiful town of Livorno in the north-west of Italy. No need to discuss how beautiful Tuscany is, this pano shows it all. Especially when the sun sets and the city lights start to shine. Amazing!


Kai Tak Development Area by wongchichuen

If you love panoramic photos and you’re a regular 360Cities visitor, you love wongchichuen’s panos from Hong Kong. His drone shots show the beauty of the area from above and this one is no exception, even though a building sites are not that attractive. Anyway, look at that view!


Quarry Bay at Blue Hour by wongchichuen

Here’s one more from Hong Kong, picturing the life in the city just before the night covers the streets, showing everything that’s going on. Players on a football pitch, basketball courts, ships roaming the bay, cars on the streets and thousands of apartments getting ready for another day.


Schöftland von oben by Markus Lissner

Now this is something different. From a development are in Asia we move to the wonderful Swiss nature. The coolest thing about this pano? Try to count all the shades of green you see on this pano. No, wait, don’t try it. It’s impossible!


Lighthouse Torredembarra by Luis Davilla

This one is not exactly the type of aerial pano like the previous ones, but it is wonderful anyway. This is the view you get after climbing the Torredembarra lighthouse, which overlooks Tarragona and the beautiful coast of Spain.


Five more amazing panos coming your way. See you next week!


Tobolsk Kremlin at winter sunset by Alex Mayer


A Solar Eclipse on the Moon (artist’s impression) by Andrew Bodrov


Villa D’Este Tivoli by Carlo Faina


Munich, Moosach by B. Quitterer


Potelich. Church of Holy Spirit by Maxim Ritus

2 thoughts on “Editors‘ picks – Amazing aerial shots

  1. The first person who managed to make a “photographic” picture permanent, that is, to fix the image was Joseph Niepce. The very first in the history of photography is a picture “View from the window”, dated 1826 year. The exposure lasted 8 hours.


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