Editors’ picks of the week #5 – Iceland!

We’re back with the most amazing panoramic photos uploaded to 30Cities recently. Let’s have a look at some of them!


Clear Lake rowboat by William l

This is Clear Lake and you can be sure the name fits perfectly. It’s only a one of many reasons to take your kayak, rowboat or anything and get out there to enjoy the beautiful sights. What a wonderful piece of nature!


Serrnuss ost 2 by Markus Lissner

This is Wyhlen, a little town in south-west Germany. The fact that this pano is aerial is quite important here. Have a look west – that’s where Basel is. Wyhlen is actually near the German-Swiss border. That’s why aerial panos are so cool!


Dettifoss by Jiri Vambera

One of our two panos from Iceland this week. The setting sun casts its last light of the day on the Dettifoss waterfall, creating a stunning scenery you can see anywhere else than in Iceland. The combination of the sunset, waterfall and the cold grey rocks everywhere looks simply amazing.


Seljalandsfoss by Jiri Vambera

This one is special as well, isn’t it? The Seljalandfoss waterfall with a stunning view over the valley beneath. Once again, the light creates that special kind of atmosphere – perfect for taking a panoramic photo!


Keep scrolling for more amazing panoramas!


Dvur Kralove nad Labem , Zoo, Clay cottages by Maciej J. Lorek


Olyka. Trinity Church by Maxim Ritus


Nepal. Roofs of Kathmandu by Eugene Orlov


Marketplace of textiles by Sergej Esnault


Preparing for Pahela Baishakh by Farsid Raihan


Biblioteca Central De la UNAM en Ciudad Universitaria by Daniel Islas

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