Editors’ picks of the week #6

It’s Monday and we are back to brighten up your start of the week a little bit. So sit down, relax and enjoy some of the most wonderful panoramic images from different parts of the world.


Descending Bishorn by David Rowley

Even though the view from the top of Bishorn in the Swiss Alps looks stunning, there are two things you have to consider. First – getting up there gets quite difficult. Second – once you get there, the weather may not be as welcoming as you’d think. Low temperature, sharp wind… Anyway, if you make a pano, you can keep the memory without the weather distracting you!


Lakeland, aerial panorama in central Iceland by Paul Oostveen

Last week we took a virtual trip to Iceland to explore some of the most wonderful waterfalls. This week we come back so we can have a look at the amazing lakeland landscape of central part of the island. Bigger and smaller lakes and ponds, covered with wide range of plants, all surrounded by majestic mountains. What a view!


Derawan Island by Pengfei Xu

This one is brilliant. An aerial shot taken from REALLY high above the Derawan Island in Indonesia, providing you with a wonderful view of the whole area – smaller islands nearby, wonderful blue sea with colourful clouds above and the sun slowly setting in the background. Breath-taking, really!


Saint-Laurence River at night from Citadelle of Quebec by Roxanne Shewchuk

Back to the civilisation! Quebec is wonderful, no doubt about that – and you don’t find many pictures of the city without the Chateau Frontenac, arguably the most famous building there. This time, you can see the whole area with the Saint Lawrence River from the Citadelle, which – compared with the majority of tourist pictures – is a quite an usual view!


Sukawana Tea Plantation by Chandra Mirtamiharja

Can’t imagine your day without a nice cup of tea? This pano is the right one for you. Sukawana tea plantation produces mostly black tea, and apart from that, it is a wonderful place, too! Enjoy the place from the bird’s eye view!


Five more amazing panos to explore coming your way!


The World Cup Goal-E by Farsid Raihan


Pedestrian Stairs of Air Bridge by Uldis Bardins


Pearsoney Falls by William l


Summer Solstice Sunset at the Muttart Conservatory by Roxanne Shewchuk


Cenote El Pit by Florian Knorn

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