Interesting articles about VR – week #38

The Challenges of Producing A High-End VR Series


Back in early fall 2014, I was shown my first virtual reality experience on a Samsung Gear VR developer kit. I was so overwhelmed and excited by the possibilities of what I just seen that I basically dropped everything I was doing in the film business (pretty much on the spot) and launched UNLTD VR, an immersive content and technology company. As a 20+ year film and TV content producer and distributor, my goal was simple: create ground-breaking cinematic immersive content that would compete with anything a Hollywood blockbuster has to offer. What I’ve learned along the way is that creating high-end virtual reality presents several nuanced challenges.


World’s first VR brain surgery film will satisfy your scientific curiosity


Ever wanted to hang out in the operating theatre to see a brain surgery with your own eyes? 
Then this immersive video is for you. The neurosurgical team at The Royal London Hospital have published the first 360 VR film showing a patient undergoing surgery to treat life-threatening brain aneurysms. 


The New Rules Of Virtual Reality


Here’s a unique problem filmmakers approaching VR for the first time have. The traditional filmmaking techniques for making ‘flatties’ won’t work. New technology brings new rules. 
Here’s seven rules we teach at Raindance Film Festival, both in our VR training programme, and at the VR Experience Summit sponsored by Facebook 360 this month in London.


Unity CEO John Riccitiello on Apple’s big event, privacy and the AR apps we’ll see within the year


Presumably, it would be good for business to speak onstage at an Apple event — essentially the tech world’s equivalent of a U2 concert. But John Riccitiello, the CEO of San Francisco-based Unity Technologies, says you won’t see him presenting at tomorrow’s Apple event or that of any other platform company, for that matter.


This is how every Windows Mixed Reality headset stacks up against each other


Microsoft has made sure users are spoiled for choice when it comes to the launch of Windows Mixed Reality. 
Several hardware partners have followed the blueprint laid forth by the Redmond company, making it so the internal specs for each headset are exactly the same. This is great for creating a unified experience for Mixed Reality, but leaves those ready to open their wallets curious about why these headsets are all priced differently.


Facebook compares eleven 360 cameras


Facebook’s Head of Immersive Media Eric Cheng compared the video quality of eleven 360 cameras. Check out his video comparison!




The great minds over at Funny or Die are constantly at work to provide us with hilarious content. The very fact that Virtual Reality is being roasted like this can only mean that our Beloved technology is slowly but surely making its way into Pop Culture.


57% Of Marketers Don’t See Value In VR


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have generated plenty of attention in retail in recent years, but most retail marketers still don’t see the benefits of the technology. As many as 57% of retail marketers report that VR does not apply to their organization, while 55% say AR does not apply, according to data from Yes Lifecycle Marketing.


What’s next for 360-degree photography?


360-degree photography and VR are breaking new ground, not just in gaming but also in business. Leading companies are finding that a more immersive experience pulls their users in.


Lurid Lawsuit’s Quiet End Leaves Silicon Valley Start-Up Barely Dented


The start-up began by hosting impromptu gatherings to promote virtual reality as the next big thing. It quickly became an entertainment and news hub for the VR industry, hosting hundreds of events. The crowds were young and eager to network. Models did demos, and the liquor flowed.


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