Interesting articles about VR – week #39

Cool Demos Of High Fidelity’s Live Streaming & Machinima Capabilities


Fun demo of High Fidelity’s Spectator Camera from the effervescent Michelle Osorio which also shows off how eerily lifelike HiFi’s avatar motion capture can be. Hopefully this inspires livestreamers and machinima makers to check out High Fidelity as a platform, because so far we’re not seeing much of either content popping up on YouTube or beyond. There’s so much potential for them here!


Ford brings Microsoft HoloLens to Design Studio; Drives speed, creativity and collaboration


Microsoft has a proven track record of transforming productivity: empowering people and organizations to achieve more. As part of the digital transformation that the modern workplace is currently undergoing, mixed reality is providing new ways for companies to visualize and interact with 3D data.


You know you want to build a VR app. But should you build it yourself or outsource it to another firm?


The decision between building a Virtual Reality application in-house or outsourcing is an important one. It involves many factors — budget, timelines, personnel, access to equipment — just to name a few. The decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Can A VR Experience Make You Feel Like You’re Falling In Love?


Falling in love, an experience so tirelessly written about in movies, TV, and books, is now getting the virtual reality treatment. Meet Fall in Love, a new virtual reality “experience” that promises to remind you what an emotional connection feels like as it uses your voice (and heart) to foster a surprisingly realistic conversation.




It outsells the sales of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive combined.
Even Sony is surprised.
And nobody answers why.
That’s why I wrote this post: To find the why.
So, why PSVR outsells Rift and Vive?

Best Practices: Creating Art Assets for VR


As a VR and AR artist, I’ve noticed two trends. First, new tools and practices that can make us better artists are appearing all the time. But also, techniques and skills from the late 90’s and early 00’s are making a comeback, and they apply to virtual reality because computing resources in VR are limited. If you’re just starting out, there’s a lot to consider. So if you’re an artist and you’re new to VR, here are some of my favorite tips for creating great assets.


Interview: using the 360° media in the fashion industry by Terry Gates


Highly acclaimed fashion / beauty photographer Terry Gates uses image stitching technologies to create mind-blowing 360° campaigns for prestigious brands such as L’Oréal Matrix, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Sass and bide. Terry granted us an exclusive interview to talk about his work and share his view about immersive media


How WayGo can help ARKit and ARCore developers


It’s a long ways back, but I studied Electrical Engineering and Linguistics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. From there I moved to China and worked at an iPhone game development startup called ThinkNao. We built educational iPhone games for both the US and China markets.


How to Pick the Best VR Headset to Publish Your App To


Below, we do a more condensed guide on choosing which is the best platform for publishing your VR experiences to. The great thing about InstaVR’s subscription model is you don’t have to choose only one or a few. You can publish to all of them!


Simple guide to make your first Virtual Interface in Sketch


Nowadays VR and AR industries are giving big opportunities for designers and bring a completely new experience to the digital world. Virtual Reality can quickly teleport a mind from reality to something crazy. You are in a room wearing VR helmet and boom … you are on another side of the world.


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