Interesting articles about VR – week #40

Google Chrome VR: users can browse now the entire internet in virtual reality


Google Chrome now lets you browse the web in virtual reality. 
The functionality exists for any website you visit through the browser, but only if you’re using your mobile phone. 
The new feature has been expected for some time, though it’s likely to split opinion.


The dawn of Mixed Reality (HoloLens Apps)


Since when Microsoft announced HoloLens, we wondered what the possible applications were.
The Redmond company has already experienced, with the failure of Lumia smartphones, an important thing. In fact, Microsoft understands that even if the hardware is high quality and the operating system is efficient if you do not offer compelling applications, the system is going to fail.




Air France is one of the oldest airlines in the industry. It is, as most things from the beautiful nation of France are, kinda stuffy and old-school. This is exactly why it decided to launch a new “spinoff” airline to target millenials, called Joon. A quick tour of their website shows that while even the in-flight crew uniforms are a Departure (pun very much intended) from what we are accustomed (I can’t help myself with the puns!) to seeing.


Augmented Reality Companies in 2017


Augmented reality is still an exotic and underestimated feature in IT development fields. So, no wonder that the list of examples of augmented reality companies is so short. On the other hand, irrefutable success of Pokemon GO admits high potential of AR in commercial development.


Price Wars Hit VR As HTC Slashes Price


When a price war breaks out it can be a sign of a number of things. One is that the market is maturing and that the only ground to fight for is market share, instead of actually aiming to grow the market. Another is that a new product is about to be launched and the manufacturers want to clear the inventory of the old one before launching the new one. The rationale behind this is that the new product will be so desirable that they will have to discount the old product even more if they wait till after the new one is launched.


For once, Microsoft got the jump on Google and Apple with HoloLens — will it last?


Mixed reality (MR) is a new computing platform that‘s emerging from the current fields of augmented and virtual reality. MR blends the physical and the digital worlds into a single space, using a combination of cutting edge optical hardware and artificial intelligence (AI) software. Over the next 5 to 10 years, most industry analysts agree that the AR/VR market will be worth well north of $100 billion, with the vast majority coming from the AR side — in the form of consumer innovations in retail, location, or AI services. In terms of the enterprise market, that pie will be smaller, but will lean even more heavily toward AR and MR.


The VR show must go on


Last month, about 300 fans of the electronic artist Ash Koosha gathered together at 10 o’clock on a West Coast Wednesday night to watch the musician perform a set of his critically acclaimed music. 
While another 31,000 people followed the hour-long performance on a Facebook live stream, Koosha spun a set with accompanying visuals designed by Hirad Sab and art direction from Strangeloop — in a virtual venue created by TheWaveVR.


How to start your VR pop up store


Pop up stores are an amazing way to connect with your audience, meet up with potential partners and showcase projects you’re working on. Especially when it comes to VR, pop up stores offer the unique opportunity to introduce people to this new medium and let them try out room-scale virtual reality projects. If you are thinking about opening up your own VR pop up store, here are five learnings from my side.


VR and AR will be the death of pop-up ads and pre-roll videos


Ever met somebody who professed an abiding love for pop-up ads? What about autoplay videos—the ones squirreled away in some undiscoverable corner of a website, singing jiggles at you while you scamper to find the pause button?


Coming Soon to AMC Theaters: Virtual Reality Experiences


Steven Spielberg was an early investor. So were 21st Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Warner Bros. The venture’s leadership team includes the former chief of Disney’s theme park design division; the producer of the “Men in Black” movie series; and a live event kingpin.


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