Interesting articles about VR – week #41

Writing for VR: The Definitive Guide to VR Storytelling


In August, VRScout & VR Playhouse partnered with YouTube Space LA to put on the “VR Creator Lab,” a 3-month intensive for a select group of YouTube content creators looking to enhance their VR/360° output. An overview and guide to immersive writing and storytelling was included as a part of this lab.

Rogue One: Gareth Edwards Used VR Tech To Direct Digital Scenes


Gareth Edwards was a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene when he was named as director of Lucasfilm’s first Star Wars spinoff film. 
The filmmaker had one big budget blockbuster to his name with Godzilla when he was hired, and it was somewhat of a surprise to fans.



What is Google Cardboard? To be honest, that may be one of the most astounding and great experiments of a cyber company which has ever been. Google Cardboard is a grandfather of all the virtual reality devices. That is a technology, which became a very beginning version of all of those VR glasses, which are now widely used by various people. It was created by Google in 2014, and in the very first period of its existence it was nothing but an experiment. However, due to the growing popularity of all the VR devices and games, it became a popular technology, which is not only cheaper but much easier to use, than several pretty popular but expensive glasses, which are now presented on a market.  Looking for best Google Cardboard apps is a pretty complicated challenge for any user, so, today in that article you are going to see the list of best Google Cardboard apps, which you can get for free or after paying for them.




Welcome to The Wearable Weekly, your trusted guide to all things wearable tech. If you only have time to read one thing about wearables this week, this is it.


Top 5 Outrageous Uses For Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) is seemingly the next best thing in the technology market, as the biggest companies in the industry embrace the tech such as Google, Samsung and Sony. 
VR allows users to enter a different world and experience things they never thought possible, from designing your bedroom, operating on a human or travelling to New York through a lens. The possibilities are endless.


VR for Research: Tips and Tricks for Using Virtual Reality for Research


Virtual Reality (VR), and 360 media specifically, is being used extensively by researchers. Not only do they want to explore the ramifications of VR on society, but they also want to utilize the technology in their respective fields to gain insight. Below we’ll pass along some tips and tricks when using VR for Research.

How much does it cost to create sample React VR app


React VR framework to create web based virtual reality apps – what a staggering initiative! In December last year Oculus announced the pre-release profiting from React Native technology. It means new and simpler opportunities both in making and viewing VR experiences. Hence the next question emerges: how much does it cost to create VR web apps and how to do a sample React VR app.


Oculus and HTC Both Slashed VR Prices, Didn’t See Same Benefits


We’ve been tracking the long-term growth of the VR ecosystem on PC thanks to Valve’s monthly Steam Hardware Survey and its reported data. This past summer saw major price cuts from both Oculus and HTC, with the Oculus Rift temporarily on sale with controllers for just $400, and HTC offering the Vive for $600. It took HTC some time to react to Oculus’ move, however, and it wasn’t immediately obvious what kind of gains the company might realize.


Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality headset feels like an impressive Oculus Rift competitor


Of course, Oculus pretty much dominates the virtual reality market, with a growing library of existing games and cinematic experiences on top of the financial and technical support of its owner, Facebook. However, where Samsung, and by extension Microsoft, do have an advantage is in accessibility. The Odyssey does not require a ton of cables snaking through a living room to your PC, because it uses what’s known as inside out positional tracking that lets the headset tell the PC where your body is, while the motion controllers take care of your hands. (Oculus and Vive both require external tracking hardware placed either on a desk or mounted to the wall or ceiling.)


Future of Mobile Apps With Augmented Reality in iPhones and iPads


To play with augmented reality apps, users need to have iOS 11 which is available on iPhone 6 and more current devices. According to market analysts, Apple may revolutionize the mobile computing with the use of AR on smartphones and tablets.



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