Editors’ picks of the week #10 – Fiji!

It’s Monday, which means we bring you some of the most wonderful panoramic photos uploaded to 360Cities recently. This week, we have a couple of great shots from Fiji, thanks to Christian Kleiman.


Spectacular Sunset from a Hillside Villa at Vomo Island Resort by Christian Kleiman

Imagine staying in this hillside villa and enjoying your evening right here, watching the sunset and the ocean. Or waking up and enjoying your morning coffee here? Which option sounds better? We’re not sure. Probably both.


Little Vomo Island by Christian Kleiman

Then you should do some hiking, you can’t be staying in your villa all the time, right? Well, you can, but it would be such a shame! You would miss places like this – an untouched peace of nature with a lovely sandy beach nearby.


Watching a Spectacular Sunset at The Rocks Chill Out Cocktail Bar by Christian Kleiman

And then, this is the right way to end your day – a cocktail bar with an amazing view at the sun setting over the ocean. Fiji truly must be a paradise on Earth, right?


View at Shipwreck Beach by Saša Stojanović

The Shipwreck beach, or the Navagio beach, at Zakynthos, Greece, is one of the most popular places on the island – and probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Definitely a must see!


Campo Vigner by Heiner Straesser

The Shipwreck beach and Venice may have one thing in common – both places are crowded. Really busy. A moment like this – with no tourists around – is magical. Especially with these surroundings, wonderful colourful houses on the Burano island.


Five more amazing panoramic photos below!


Bremen Schnoorviertel Hinter der Balge by Willy Kaemena

Fish Ponds at Luk Keng by wongchichuen

Estacao do Oriente by Heiner Straesser

View from Prince Street Bridge in Bristol at dawn by Misha Photography

National Forum of Music in Wroclaw by Misha Photography

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