Editors’ picks of the week #16

It’s time for you to take a break from work (or studying, if you wish) and enjoy some amazing places around the globe! Check out the newest edition of the editors‘ picks!


Forum Of Caesar By Night by Flavio Di Mattia


The Forum of Caesar dates back all the way to 46 BC and it used to work as a place for public business and also a shrine for Caesar himself. Of course, its purpose is much different now, more than 2000 years later, but it still remains a place to visit when in Rome.


Pyramids at Giza by Gary Davies

From Rome to Egypt, where another ancient civilisation used to flourish. These iconic historical monuments are much much older than the previously mentioned Forum in Rome, and are one (and the oldest) of the Seven wonders of the ancient world. Amazing place!


HMS Alliance Control Room by Gary Davies

Looking at the ancient monuments in Rome and Egypt, one has to wonder how all of this was possible to create. The HMS Alliance is actually the same case, even though it is something completely different. Just have a look around its control panel – can you imagine to drive one of these things??


Allianz Arena Sunset Aerial by T. Emrich

The sun slowly sets over Bavaria, casting some amazing light over its highways and the Allianz Arena, the home of Bayern Munich, one of the most famous football clubs. The arena that fits almost 70 thousand spectators looks like it is inflatable, right?


Urbiztondo Golden Sunset by Erwinson Gabia

Speaking of sunsets, this is another pano to admire. This rocky beach on the western coast of Luzon, the biggest island of the Philippines, attracted a number of spectators to watch the wonderful sunset. Absolutely worth it!


Damage control display by Gary Davies


Lower Curtis Glacier crevasses by William l


Heritage. Kyiv. St Andrew’s Church by Maxim Ritus


city of orange california during anaheim hills fire by Richard Hart


The Tanneries near Bab El Debbagh gate by Sergej Esnault

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