Editors’ picks of the week #17 – Santorini

It’s Wednesday. You have already gotten used to being back at work, which means you are ready for a break – here’s a couple of amazing panoramas uploaded recently. Enjoy!


The Lost City of Choquequirao by Edgar Asencios Miranda

Everybody knows Machu Picchu, but of course there’s much more to explore in Peru. Like Choquequirao, the Lost city. Especially this part of the whole complex, sprawled across three mountains, the citadel, is a unique ancient architectural piece!


Two valleys on the road to Theth Albania by Federico Debetto

Want more mountains and valleys? Well then – this is Albania! This aerial shot offers you a stunning view over two huge valleys in the north of this beautiful European country. When the weather’s nice, this looks like a plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable hike!


Sunrise in Oia by Alex Mayer

Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands and this village up north, Oia, tells you why. Its white houses overlooking the wonderful blue sky all around seem like a great holiday destination. But be sure this place can get quite busy with tourists in the summer!


Sunset at the Ammersee by Aerofotografie T. Emrich

We sure show you a lot of amazing aerial shots today, and this is one of them. Germany offers a huge number of little and big lakes and ponds, this is the Ammersee, located in Bavaria. With the sun setting in the horizon, this is a lovely place to be.


Carlsbad – Bridge over river by Ruediger Kottmann

Enough of these shots from the nature, it’s time to head back to civilisation, right? This is Carlsbad (or Karlovy Vary, if you wish) in the Czech Republic. Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice romantic walk along the river in the city centre?



More panos coming your way!


Guangdong Province by gdlbf@163.com


Kaiserpavillion, Zoo Vienna by Bernhard Belej


The Nebelhorn, near the village of Oberstdorf by B. Quitterer


Wiener Riesenrad by Robert Schelander


La Falaise d’Amont over The beach by Sergej Esnault

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