Interesting articles about VR – week #51

Venture into the virtual world of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One


Inside everyone’s head is a toy box. It’s full of pop culture all jumbled together, with heroes, monsters, badass vehicles, and cool-as-hell songs all occupying the same space. 
Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One (out March 30) is a lot like that, except the nerve center packed with sci-fi lore, old video games, TV characters, and the super sounds of yesteryear is actually a virtual-reality program called the OASIS.

You can now use Twitter in augmented reality, in case your life isn’t bleak enough


I like Twitter. Tweeting helps me formulate thoughts in a unique way, and despite the company’s many missteps, I think it’s a net positive addition to my life. That should make me a good target audience for TweetReality: an augmented reality app, based on Apple’s ARKit, that puts your Twitter feed in the real world. Instead, I’m probably its worst possible test case.

VR transforms health care: 3D human model coming to a school near you


Surrounded by darkness, the looming 20 foot skull is so close I can touch it. With the click of a mouse, the 3D model of the human head and neck pivots and I’m inside the eye socket examining this complex system from the inside out. It’s A viewpoint typically reserved for surgeons on the operating table; I’m amazed by the scale and detail of the mechanism that gives us the miracle of sight.

Facebook just made VR better — by adding Microsoft Windows


Being transported to a virtual world can be fantastic — until you realize what you’ve left behind. No email, no instant messages from friends or family, no TV in the background, no streaming tunes, no Tweets or Snaps or Likes.

How Marketers Can Create Engaging Customer Experiences With Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is a hot topic in marketing. New advances allow consumers to buy a few accessories and turn their smartphones into virtual reality screens, which has marketers excited to turn this new immersive technology into a revenue-generating tool.

Drawboard’s position-tracking pen writes in virtual reality


We’ve all tried writing in VR but, with the way we hold our Oculus Touch controllers and HTC Vive wands, it’s an awkward experience at best. Drawboard wants to change that for the better.

7 things you need to know before going to VRX


In the heart of downtown San Francisco, VR-pioneers, CEOs, and senior decision makers will gather together from December 7th — 8th to discuss the mind-warping, future-bending impact virtual reality will have across the gaming, film, enterprise, healthcare, broadcasting, marketing, and education industries. Hosted by VR Intelligence, the 2017 VRX Conference & Expo will feature speakers from Intel to Unreal Engine, offering an exciting atmosphere for networking, collaborating, and learning. A one-of-a-kind conference, this event should be enjoyed to it’s fullest, and we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know as you prepare for VRX.

How virtual reality is opening up some of the world’s most inaccessible archaeological sites


We often associate virtual reality (VR) with thrilling experiences we may never be able to have in real life – such as flying a jet fighter, exploring the oceans or going on a spacewalk. But researchers are also starting to use this technology to study and open up access to archaeological sites that are difficult to get to.

When Microsoft’s AI-driven camera and mixed reality missions meet…


hololens consumer 6.jpg

Mixed reality is the continuum from augmented reality (AR) to virtual reality (VR). The former superimposes holograms in a user’s field of view via wearable technology such as Microsoft’s AR headset HoloLens. The latter immerses wearers in virtual environments via VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and Mixed Reality headsets. A convergence of AR and VR on a single, untethered wearable, where lenses transition between clear (AR) and opaque (VR) is the technology’s goal.

WebXR is going to bring VR and AR to the masses. Here’s why.


Last week I wrote about how Amazon quietly released a new product called Sumerian which does something killer: makes it easy for anyone to create VR content and publish it directly to the web.

AR isn’t a gimmick — it’s a savior for local retail


When new technology platforms emerge, traditional retail typically gets disrupted — and often in painful ways. Consumers generally benefit from the added convenience and cost reductions from e-commerce in the short-term. However, the dominance of companies like Amazon has resulted in many retailers and small businesses closing up shop and laying off employees.

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