Editors’ picks of the week #20

We had so much fun for the last couple of weeks! We had presented the twelve contenders in the Panoramic photo of the year competition and before announcing the winners (and running another competition for the best panoramic video), let’s have a look at a couple of other amazing panos uploaded recently.


Plaza de Toros Ronda by Brian Richards

Check out this amazing historical bullfighting arena in a little town of Ronda in Spain. Not only it has a rich history of the Spanish traditional entertainment, but it was also a set of Madonna’s music video Take A Bow. Quite a universal venue, don’t you agree?


Morning walk along the river Tagus by Pietro Faccioli

Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon, Portugal, is the longest bridge in Europe and if you open the pano by clicking the picture above, you will clearly see why – it’s huge! It carries six road lanes so it is the best way for the cars to make it from northern parts of the capital to other regions. But careful on a rainy day!


The mountain of Montseny by José Miguel

Do you like aerial shots taken from a drone? And what about amazing views over mountain ranges? Well, this pano is the right one for you, as Montseny offers you a stunning view over its peaks covered with woods!


Nathan Phillips Square after Dark by Auggie Werner

If you’re more of a city person, let’s head to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Nathan Phillips square is one of Toronto’s most important landmarks, not only for the wonderful architecture surrounding it, but also for the famous 3D sign installed in 2015.


Rome and Vatican City from above St. Peter’s dome by Henry Alvarez

One of the most beautiful destinations in Europe and one of the most important places of Christian culture – that’s Rome, more specifically – Vatican. This pano was taken from the top of the Saint Peter’s basilica. Make sure you have a plenty of time for waiting in the line to get there!


More amazing panoramic photo below, keep scrolling!


Kampung, Jakarta, Indonesia by Martin Broomfield


Escudero Ancestral House by Erwinson Gabia


French Basque coast by Pierre Aubineau


Friedrichshafen, Bodensee by Michael Gallasch


Горбица by Максим

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