Interesting articles about VR – week #5

How Vue, Imax and DCM are evolving cinema for movie-goers and advertisers


This year cinemas will undergo a raft of experimentation to ensure a future for the medium in an age increasingly defined by the small screen and its all-enticing throttle. These venues cater for everyone; from fans of niche arthouse films to cash-cow franchise ‘universes’ and now they aim to solidify the survival of the silver screen as we know it.

Volumetric photogrammetry — big words, bigger impact on VR


Virtual reality: By this point, most people have at least a rudimentary understanding of what the term means. Once enjoyed and developed for niche techie and gaming audiences, brands have quickly realized VR’s limitless potential, and, as a result, every interest group from interior design to makeup to apparel is jumping on the immersive content bandwagon.

3 best practices from VR implementation across departments


While many professors recognize virtual reality (VR) as an emerging classroom technology, some still struggle with how to incorporate it into their curriculum. There’s a default view that VR is only good for virtual field trips or in specific departments like computer science or media production. The truth is that VR is quite easy to produce and can be effective cross-discipline; it shouldn’t be pigeonholed as appropriate for only certain departments. VR is already being used for many real-world applications–hiring, training, marketing/sales, medical purposes, entertainment, and more–and is worth considering for many different university departments.

How to make money in VR


In this article I am going to explain why the big money for VR developers is not in publishing to stores like Steam VR, Viveport or Oculus Home, but instead the big money is at VR Arcades.

How you can build your own VR headset for $100


My name is Maxime Coutté. I’m 16 and I built my own VR headset with my best friends, Jonas Ceccon and Gabriel Combe. And it ended up costing us $100.  I started programming when I was 13, thanks to my math teacher. Every Monday and Tuesday, my friends and I used to go to his classroom to learn and practice instead of having a meal at the cafeteria.

VR developer recovering after meeting with clueless client who will never understand VR


Donny Glasgow, Chief Creative CEO and mayor of Pancake Interactive is recovering at home after a particularly bizarre and challenging client meeting it has been revealed.  Donny said “Work is drying up, our funding’s run out but we do have a new high profile client, Grey Cube Administrations”.

Creating 360º Panoramic and Spherical Photos from within Skyrim VR


One option for visualizing an immersive environment for others to experience (which is important to the archaeology of synthetic worlds) is to create 360º panoramic and spherical photos, which situate the viewer at the center of a space, allowing them to view the panorama or complete environment through Google Cardboard or similar inexpensive viewer paired with a smartphone. Both the panoramic and spherical VR images can be created through the same process, with the spherical image requiring two extra, simple steps.

Augmented Reality in Medicine and Healthcare


The purpose of any invention and technology is to simplify our life. Augmented reality has the potential to play a big  role in improving the healthcare industry. Only a few years since the first implementations of augmented reality in medicine, it has already filled an important place in doctors’ and nurses’ routine, as well as patients’ lives.

7 Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Apps and Experiences


It may be hard to believe but its been four years since Samsung and Oculus first announced their smartphone-powered Gear VR headset. Since then, Marvel has released not one but two Guardians of The Galaxy films that people actually love. I’m not sure which impresses me more.

On the life and death of my virtual reality startup, Ethereal


As a passionate, long-time believer in the potential of virtual reality and someone who worked on VRML at Silicon Graphics in the ’90s, I was really excited to get to dive back into the world of interactive 3D graphics these past two years at my own virtual reality startup, Ethereal. As hoped, it offered some of the most gratifying (and challenging) product-building experiences of my life, and confirmed in a visceral way many long-felt intuitions about the huge potential at the intersection of virtual reality, music, and visual effects.

Best VR Headset in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide


The VR is technology that has greatly improved our movie and gaming experience. It has integrated the real world with the gaming world into one Virtual Reality world. Gaming has been made much beautiful and fun, from using fingers and eyes to a total immersive in the VR world such that you don’t even realize where you are seated. Have you tried gaming or watching movies in any of the VR platforms? It is such an incredible experience that you cannot afford to miss out anymore.

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