Interesting articles about VR – week #4

Flex Headset Could Help More Competition Muscle into the AR Enterprise Sector


On Tuesday, original design manufacturer (ODM) Flex used the CES spotlight to help introduce a smartglasses reference design aimed at companies interested in bringing their own enterprise AR headsets to market.

How companies can build VR spaces inside Linden Lab’s Sansar


Linden Lab makes a lot of money with the sale of virtual goods in its Second Life virtual world. But this year, it is adding Sansar, a collection of virtual reality spaces where users can create their own immersive experiences inside their own VR scenes.

Hands-on: Pimax “8K” Has Come a Long Way but There’s Still Real Kinks to Iron Out


Pimax, the Chinese VR startup honing in on a consumer headset with a huge field of view, is said to soon be shipping the first Pimax “8K” headsets to Kickstarter backers. While the company executed a very successful Kickstarted and parlayed that into a healthy investment, it remains to be seen if Pimax can go the final mile to meet the fevered expectations set upon it by the West’s high-end VR community. We go hands-on with the company’s latest prototype headset at CES 2018 to see where things stand.

New AR/VR Tech from CES 2018!


2018 has kicked off in an epic fashion! With companies from all around the world revealing their latest tech at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, we are seeing a lot of exciting technology related to AR/VR! From industry leaders ushering in new releases, to AR/VR startups filling hardware and content gaps, CES showcased some of the biggest and best innovations in this field.

AR will be the next big battle in tech innovation this year


While the digital marketing industry will probably spend much of 2018 underpinning its shaky basement, the biggest digital platforms will be laying foundations for something more transformational next door. Though we may not immediately see the implications, it seems likely that history will record the next 12 months as transformative ones both in how advertising works and consumers see the world.

How virtual reality could change the journalism industry


The water is rising. Wind roars through your ears and you can feel the rooftop underneath your feet shake. In every direction you look, the flood waters are slowly creeping up. Through the driving rain you can see your neighbors, screaming in distress, standing atop their homes, as you are, desperately looking for help. A body floats by, a poor soul not lucky enough to have a rooftop. You hear, and then see, a helicopter fly overhead and you wave and wave but it passes by. When will the water stop? What happens if nobody comes to help you?

Virtual Reality In Education: Making “Ready Player One” A Reality With rumii


With the release of the movie “Ready Player One” in the theaters soon people are starting to ask “Can education actually happen in VR?”. Well, let me tell you another story, one of the non-fictional and very real kind. I was a college student once, not too long ago in fact as I graduated in 2008. Ten years have passed and I still hear the same stories of poor adoption rates for online classes and lack of funding for technology across the board, no matter if in grade school or college.

The Limits of Empathy


Thanks to recent efforts in the virtual reality space, audiences can get up close and personal to folks living very different, and difficult, lives. But can attempts to foster empathy through simulation hurt more than they can help?

10 Best Android VR Games of 2018 you need to check out


If you’ve bought the latest VR headset and are searching for the Best VR Games for Android, you have reached the right place. We will be sharing here the top 10 Best Android VR Games. We will provide you with Android VR Games installing links.

Why VR Needs New Tools to Measure User Experience


We are coming up on the 4th technology revolution with VR/AR, AI and blockchain promising to change our lives forever. With almost the last 3 decades dedicated to IT and Internet, and their disruptive changes to human life, human history had never seen such an improvement in living standards ever before. But technology 4.0 promises to have even more far reaching impacts on human lives, enabling us to expand our potential. The first of these technologies to be widely available and commercially present is VR, which is already making waves in all the industries it is touching.

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