Editors’ picks #21

Before we’ll announce the winner of the Panoramic video od 2017, we have a couple more lovely panoramic photos in the Editors’ picks list that comes back today!


Friedrichshafen, Bodensee by Michael Gallasch

This amazing lookout tower is located in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and it overlooks the magnificent lake Bodensee. Those locks on the ralings can mean a lot – a proof of a couple’s bond, or maybe something else. Anyway, this looks like a great spot for leaving a lock for any reason that seems important to you.


Mt.Fuji from rest house in Mt.Darumayama highland by kiyoharu takamura

Mount Fuji is Japan’s most famous landmark, and not only because it looks magnificent from pretty much every angle. Especially when the sun sets and the mountain is partly covered with mist, it looks simply majestic.


Christmas in Sydney by Gil Abadines

Well, Sydney is not exactly the place you imagine when talking about Christmas, as celebrating in high temperatures and without any sign of snow is not really typical. But wouldn’t it be nice to try something new and celebrate the Christmas in a completely different place? Think about it!


Chinon Castle by Luis Davilla

Chinon is a lovely historical town in central part of France, which gets your attention for its amazing medieval look. It dates all the way back to 5th century and it played an important role during the Middle Ages, serving both French and English kings. Definitely worth a visit, when you’re around!


Ariake Junction sunset by Akiyoshi Odagawa

Cities covered with layers of concrete with massive grey structures built across don’t usually look nice, do they? But hey – have a look around in this pano. As the sun sets in Tokyo, it casts some wonderful light at the Ariake junction, making it look quite interesting.


More panoramic photos coming your way!


Preparing the Loop by Thomas K Sharpless


Snowfall @ Lee Tung St by wongchichuen


Soybean Field at Dusk by Rubens Cardia


Cordón Toribio con vista de Laguna Esmeralda by Melina Merkle


Fishmarket Stonetown by Rolf Ris

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