Interesting articles about VR – week #10

The Best 360º Cameras: VR Professionals Weigh-In


As the founder of eevo, an interactive VR / 360º video company, I speak every day with filmmakers exploring the world of VR. They are hungry to learn more about creating interactive 360º video and spatial audio experiences.

Virtual Reality in Gaming


For the past few years, Virtual Reality gaming industry has already won significant market size and still shows fast growth rate. In the beginning, the idea of virtual reality was fascinating and a little bit fantastic. Though, as VR came true, we can all agree, it has potential to become the next “big thing”. At least, virtual reality in gaming, for sure.

Augmented & Virtual Reality (VR/AR) Will Revolutionize the Retail Industry


Augmented Reality is reshaping the retail landscape one piece at a time. Finding a market niche to work with for this is fast becoming the preferred method for development firms in the AR and VR space.

Accessible, next-gen AR tech you should be playing with right now


Yo, in an attempt to end the onslaught of derivative AR pet sims and furniture apps, here’s a list of some cool, accessible next-gen AR tech I’m playing with right now that I think you should play with too

Virtually Limitless


Chris Willey hands me a pair of bulky rectangular goggles, shows me how to fit them over my head and tells me to close my eyes. A screen inside the goggles blinks on, casting a white flash against my eyelids. It dims, and Willey tells me to take a look.

Brian Eno’s AR experience lets you play synth in mid-air


In an old carburetted water gas plant in Amsterdam, a small group of people wander slowly inside a circle demarcated by six large screens. As they go, they pinch the air in front of them. It’s a precise gesture, thumb and forefinger clasping directly before their faces, sometimes tentatively, sometimes in rapid succession.

John Carmack: Oculus Go will perform ‘significantly better’ than Samsung’s Galaxy S7


The Oculus Go standalone VR headset should be with us in a matter of weeks or months, but we still haven’t been able to test the thing out for ourselves. Oculus’ John Carmack has given us a vague idea of what to expect from the device’s performance, though.

VR / AR Fundamentals — 4) Input & Interactivity


Welcome to #5 of 6 weekly posts in sync with my “VR / AR Fundamentals” class at NYU Shanghai, where I’m currently visiting faculty.

While the class is putting up with my weekly presentations, they’re also busy experiencing several dozen VR titles we’ve accumulated so far on all five major VR platforms (Sony PS4, Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream, FB Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive) and curating an additional several dozen more VR titles to add to our library. Then, production.

Will AR aid retail to boost sales up?


Do you recall the times when retailers aimed at a web page first and then were gradually transforming it into a retail app? It was risky, but as the result, the classic shops and malls even got behind the online commerce.

Microsoft’s ‘Haptic Links’ Bring A New Level Of Realism To VR


Could one of these intuitive prototypes deliver the immersive haptic feedback users have been clamoring for?
One of the most important traits of a captivating VR experience is freedom of movement. Allowing users to interact with the virtual world using their own two hands is a key component in truly selling an experience and immersing participants.

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