Editors’ picks #25 – From Finland to Spain

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but we are back with the collection of the most wonderful panoramic photos uploaded to 360Cities recently.


Northerh lights. Nuorgam. Finland by Luis Davilla

It’s been a couple of months already since the best panoramic photo of the year has been announced. Flavio di Mattia won the competition with an amazing shot of northern lights from Iceland and it seems like we have another serious competitor! Well, good luck, Luis!


Icebreaker cruise by Luis Davilla

What is going on here? Is that a bunch of people drowning! Don’t worry though, this is exactly the opposite – a lot of fun! Apparently, they let you wear a special suit and have a swim in an ice cold sea on an icebreaker cruise. Amazing!


Valle de la Luna by Melina Merkle

Melina took this shot in the Valle de la Luna in the Atacama desert – the driest place on the whole planet, with only 15 milimetres of percipitation per year. Well, seems like this is not the right place to grow your garden plants…


Baikal Lake, Siberia by Vadim Balakin

Pretty much the same problem here, as the Baikal lake in Russia is something like the opposite to the Atacama desert. You can be sure it gets REALLY cold over there in winter. However, the freezing temperatures make the lake frozen solid, which looks awesome, especially from the birtd’s eye view.


Playa de Mataró by José Miguel

If you ever get to travel to Catalunya, not only Barcelona should be your destination, as there’s a plenty of other places to visit, too. Like Mataró, from example. Right now you have the chance to explore the town from the above – the Mataró beach looks pretty inviting, right?


More panos coming below!


Girona, in view of drone by José Miguel


Praia da Armação by Alexandre Militão


Canal by Andrey Kubasov


Twilight Morning at Lake Hawea by Christian Kleiman


Twilight Evening at Lake Hawea by Christian Kleiman

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