Editors’ picks #26 – Water towns

If you feel like taking an amazing trip across our beautiful planet, we’re here to provide you with the coolest panoramic shots the 360Cities community photographers have uploaded recently.


Iron Bridge by Dxinwei

This time we start in China, but however, this one is not for the faint hearted. This old iron rope bridge is located in Zhejiang province of China and it is quite a challenge for everyone trying to cross. But a little bit of adrenaline rush never killed anybody, right?


Massive myrtlewood tree by William l

There’s no doubt that the nature can create unbelieveable miracles. Like this huge myrtlewood tree in Agness, Oregon. William I managed to get inside of it to take a tremendous panoramic shot. Such an amazing spot!


Old water town 2 by ho ring

Let’s get back to China for a little while. Just check out this water town in the Guangdong province. Is that something like Chinese Venice? We especially love how colourful the water surfaces are, despite being just next to each other, they all have a different shade of green!


La Temblade by dieter kik

From one water town to another – La Tremblade is a famous French town, located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Is is popular for oyster farming and this is where the fishermen work on their little ships, in narrow canals on the coast.


Cherry blossom of a small shrine at night by kiyoharu takamura

Japan and its cherry blossoms, right? Could you even imagine the country with one of its most popular symbols? Together with the lovely little shrine, this pano gives you the right idea what the country is really like. Beautiful.


More panoramic photos below, keep scrolling!


Architecture drowned in the colors of the Academy of Arts by omid jafarnezhad



Old water town 3 by ho ring



Courtyard of the Tabātabāei House by Sergej Esnault



Impressive mountain range next to Lake Hawea  by Christian Kleiman

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