Interesting articles about VR – week #24

Eye-tracking tech tricks VR players into infinite walking – in circles


Virtual reality is great at immersing us in gigantic worlds that seem to go on forever – until you take three steps and bump into the living room wall that you forgot was there. Now, computer scientists have developed a system that can trick you into walking around in circles in the real world, while thinking you’re moving longer distances in the virtual world.

360 camera vs. DSLR: which is better for virtual tours? Comparison of 360 photo image quality


Are DSLRs obsolete for 360 photos or virtual tours?  The best way to answer the question is by showing you some 360 photos from a DSLR (or ILC) panorama compared to some of the best 360 cameras for photography as of June 2018.   Note: this comparison only compares image quality, and does not consider workflow or cost.

Top 10 Best HTC Vive Games To Play in 2018


You’ve made the choice. You’ve picked up one of the best – a mighty piece of gaming weaponry. Today’s we’ll be looking at the top 10 best HTC Vive games to play in 2018!

How Microsoft’s HoloLens headset could help find your keys (and do much more)


Microsoft expects its HoloLens augmented-reality headset to guide you through complicated tasks in the workplace, but someday you could also use it around the house to find misplaced items, play games – and even watch movies on a virtual big screen.

Whither AR/VR?


“Despite many pronouncements that 2016 was the year of VR, a more apt word for virtual reality might be absence,” The Economist observed caustically last summer, noting that during that year forecasts of combined sales of VR hardware and software dropped from $5.1bn to $3.6bn to the harsh reality of $1.8bn. But hey, one rough holiday season does not an industry make, right?

We shot through the Varjo Mixed Reality add on that makes their VR headset into an XR headset!


The Varjo has something like 40 times an improvement in effective screen resolution that lets you see high end cinematic quality in VR.

Seamlessly 360° Photo & Video : HDR Color Grade or ANY 2D video effects w/ anyFX360


Are you frustrated with clone stamp or healing blush on your 360 photo seam line when you do RAW HDR color correction? What if this is a 360 video and your beloved Neat Video denoiser plugin or coloring tools create that seam line everytime you use them? What if you want to use some of your favorite 2D video effects – like from Red Giant or BorisFX Continuum or Sapphire – again the seam. Today, I am going to show you how to easily get rid of the seam line without complicated rotoscoping or clone stamp brush – with After Effects and anyFX360 plugin.

Insta360 – Introducing “No-Stitch” 360 Video Editing for Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Insta360 – Introducing “No-Stitch” 360 Video Editing for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

What 390.00 usd buys you for VR development.


I have been banging away about 10 hours a, with development for Firedrake VR on a I3 Laptop for about seven months now. In the beginning, when I first started learning Unity and developing Firedrake, I naively figured if I used a dev system that was “equivalent” to the level of power that mobile VR devices currently had, it would make for a more streamlined dev and iteration process. My thoughts ran along the line that I would be seeing close to the same performance on the dev machine as the mobile s7 platform I was targeting, for the Gear VR and could adjust in Unity before building to the GearVR, thus saving myself some testing time.


7Invensun is a Chinese company that wants to disrupt the VR eye tracking sector


Eye detection is, in my opinion, a technology that will completely destroy the VR ecosystem , just like the room-level scale with the first HTC Vive. The reason is that eye tracking will enable many new features in VR, such as:

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