Editors’ picks #32

Have a rest and enjoy some wonderful panoramic photos uploaded to 360Cities recenly – these places are really worth exploring!


Cologne Cathédrale by Ernst Christen

Like the cathedral in Cologne, Germany, for example. It dates back to 13th century, when the whole monumental building started to be raised. One could wonder how it was possible to reach these heights without modern machines!


Xiachuan Island seaside tourist area by ho ring

Xiachuan Island is one of the popular Chinese tourist destinations and you can see why that is the case. Who could resist to this amazing sandy beach? Well of course, the weather isn’t that good on this one, but the days can get much brighter there of course.


Aizhai Bridge by ho ring

This is a pretty cool place! It is actually the seventh highest bridge and the fifteenth longest suspension bridge in the world. Can you even imagine the amazing view from up there?


Ice around the peninsula of Marken by Paul Oostveen

Winters can get really cold in the Netherlands and this is what it looks like on the seaside. The Marken peninsula offers not only this kind of wonderful chilly nature, but a notable architecture with some lovely wooden houses in the village.


Milky Way Over Redentore And Vettore Mountains by Flavio Di Mattia

We simply can’t get enough of these views. The Milky way was this visible from the Appenines in Italy, but it seems like Flavio had to take a pretty long hike to get the perfect view for his pano.


Gloomy Afternoon at San Pablo City Cemetery by Mary Elaine Arrieta

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