Interesting articles about VR – week #35

Virtual reality comes to the Proms for the first time in WW1 ‘immersive experience’


The event, which involves VR headsets offering a 360-degree immersive video experience, will take place next to the traditional home of the Proms, the Royal Albert Hall, at Beit Hall on August 21. 

Getting hands dirty in Virtual Reality : Developing an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin for 5DT Data Gloves 14 Ultra


In this blog, I am going to share my experiences from one of the most memorable projects in my AR/VR career to date. I was working as a Research Assistant in the Safety Analytics and Virtual Reality (SAVR) Lab at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur back in 2017 and I was assigned the job of developing a UE4 plugin for a brand new pair of 5DT Data Gloves 14 Ultra. Nothing like that existed in the open source. So I had to build it almost from scratch.

Increasing VR Creativity


The first half-semester was pretty easy on the students. They sat back through several weeks of richly audiovisual presentations on “VR / AR Fundamentals.” They unboxed and set up all five major VR platforms, then curated and experienced dozens of VR titles. They enjoyed the buzz of our “VR / AR News of the Week” class time.

Back to School Guide 2018


There’s nothing worse than when the cable starts crapping out on your favorite headphones. Or maybe the headband wears through and starts digging into your skull. With the TMA-2 from Aiaiai, this is not a concern. The clever modular design lets you replace faulty parts without having to spring for a new pair. 

Metastage Opens Microsoft-Powered Volumetric Capture Studio in Los Angeles


Hollywood, get ready to make holograms: Metastage, a new studio for volumetric video capture for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and holographic experiences, opened its doors at Culver Studios in Culver City, Calif., on Tuesday.


VR Arcades for the Game Music Composer


Hi! I’m videogame composer Winifred Phillips, and today let’s spend a little time discussing the allure of composing music for virtual reality. There are a lot of reasons why we video game composers might be excited about creating music for VR games. The technology of immersive virtual experiences has the potential to offer an intensity of emotional involvement transcending most other forms of entertainment. What game music composer wouldn’t be inspired by that? However, it’s tough to be inspired by something we may not have experienced yet.

VR experience ‘Hold the World’ stars a hologram of David Attenborough and it’s astonishing

Having brought Britain colour television, as well as his wealth of natural history programmes like Blue Planet and Planet Earth, David Attenborough will be stepping into VR at the start of June with Sky in his VR project Hold the World.

Q&A: Behind the scenes with The Journey’s Charlotte Mikkelborg


Charlotte Mikkelborg takes us behind the scenes of The Journey, a 360 experience tracing the journey through childhood in three of the toughest environments on Earth.

People recall information better through virtual reality, says new UMD study


While the use of virtual reality (VR) for gaming and entertainment continues to grow, the technology also shows promise for changing the landscape of industries such as medicine, education and workforce training.

A ripple in Google Street View: 360-degree camera on a boat captures Bill Gates’ mansion and more


If you live in the Seattle area, or have visited, and have had the pleasure of boating on Lake Washington, chances are you’ve drifted past the Medina mansion of Bill Gates and family for a closer look at how the billionaire set lives. Maybe you’ve even snapped a few pictures, hoping to preserve your offshore visit to the Microsoft co-founder’s $60 million lakeside dwelling.


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