Editors’ picks #34 – Canary Islands

We admit – we’re a little bit late. But that does not mean the panoramas our editors have listed here aren’t amazing! Check out the newest edition of the Editors‘ picks!


El Aserrador at night by Mario Salvador

Would any week’s edition be complete without a Milky Way panorama? We don’t think so – so here you go. One could say the Milky Way panoramic photos are always the same (technically they’re not), but aren’t they simply wonderful?


Fuerteventura Sunrise at the beach by sebastian.fiebak@fiebak-medien.de

Let’s stay in the Canary Islands a little longer for this amazing scene here. Standing on a lovely beach like this, watching the sun rise above the ocean – that’s a pure magic!


Niujie screw field at sunset by ho ring

Now this is pretty cool. The beaded karst funnel in the Yunnan province of China has created this unbelieveable landscape. Is it even real? Wait, isn’t this Minecraft?!


Vicinity of the resort of Rosa Khutor by Alexei Merinov

Remember where the Winter Olympic Games took place in 2014? That’s right, in Sochi, Russia. More specifically, one of the key location was the Rosa Khutor mountain resort, where the world’s elite athletes competed in skiing and snowboarding competitions. It looks much different in the summer, right?


Lake and church of Wigry by Ludovic MEUNIER

Let’s conclude this week’s edition with one of the most peaceful panoramic photos we have here. The sun sets over the horizon of the Lake Wigry, as a couple stands on the pier and enjoys the scenery. Ideal!


But wait, there’s more!


A cafeteria in masuleh village by omid jafarnezhad



Buchach. Castle, Town Hall, catholic church, monastery and city panorama by Maxim Ritus



Members of the Expedition 58 crew to the International Space Station by Andrew Bodrov

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