Interesting articles about VR – week #41



PETER THIEL SOMETIMES seems bored by mainstream tech. “You have as much computing power in your iPhone as was available at the time of the Apollo missions,” he said during a debate in 2013. “But what is it being used for? It’s being used to throw angry birds at pigs.”

72-year-old Fidelity bets on the future with blockchain, virtual reality and AI


“What are you doing here?” a young engineering student asked Vipin Mayar, the head of artificial intelligence initiatives at Fidelity Investments, at a MIT conference in San Francisco.



Virtual reality is an incredible thing, but for some it can mean a more uneasy experience. Luckily for fans that are having a rougher time with their PlayStation VR setup, Sony is currently working on new technology to help with stimulation overload.Sony first filed a patent back in 2017 to help make the PSVR experience even better by easing the affects of simulation sickness, motion sickness. The process began over a year ago but has only recently been published. Now that the patent has been pushed through, it’s time for Sony to begin the real work on how to implement the changes needed to make the experience smoother for all.According to all of the necessary paperwork, Sony hopes to improve upon the experience by giving the setup in question features to firmly situate a “health threshold value” that will be able to tell when the user is beginning to be over-stimulated. Many VR users report a sort of motion sickness with prolonged use – some almost immediate – and this t…

NextVR’s livestream of CNN debate first of its kind


CNN is partnering with Laguna Beach-based live-streaming panoramic video company NextVR to provide live coverage of the Democratic Presidential Debate on Oct. 13. If you have a Samsung GearVR, you can download the NextVR app from the Oculus Store and watch it live.

Important information on GPU-acceleration with CUDA and Apple Metal


To help you maximize performance for the next versions of Adobe video and audio tools, we wanted to share the following information and recommendations with our users and community.

The Air Force is revolutionizing the way airmen learn to be aviators


AUSTIN, Texas — In a classroom at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Austin, Texas, a visitor climbed into one of 20 stations lining the walls and strapped on a virtual reality headset.

Stupid Patent of the Month: Trolling Virtual Reality


This month’s stupid patent describes an invention that will be familiar to many readers: a virtual reality (VR) system where participants can interact with a virtual world and each other. US Patent No. 6,409,599 is titled “Interactive virtual reality performance theater entertainment system.” Does the ’599 patent belong to the true inventors of VR? No. The patent itself acknowledges that VR already existed when the application was filed in mid-1999. Rather, it claims minor tweaks to existing VR systems such as having participants see pre-recorded videos. In our view, these tweaks were not new when the patent application was filed. Even if they were, minor additions to existing technology should not be enough for a patent.

My Dream VR Camera is a Modular, Rugged Badass!


These days, there’s a new 360/VR camera just about every quarter. Manufacturers are putting out new unibody cameras that are more convenient to use, higher resolution, and packed with lots of features. But at the rate the technology is moving, they’re often obsolete within the next six months.

Biocyber Physical System for Military Training in VR (BioPhyS)


Based on NASA Langley patents (Alan Pope and colleagues) licensed by the J&F Alliance Group company as part of the NASA Technology Transfer Program, I was leading the design and development process of an intelligent system that uses sophisticated biofeedback technologies to enhance cognitive skills in virtual military training. The system integrates novel Virtual Reality (VR) and Biocybernetic technologies to deliver highly adaptive scenarios aiming at boosting the training of important cognitive skills in the military personnel.

Virtual reality harnessed by remote Indigenous teens to make leap from comic to Future Dreaming film


Four Indigenous teenagers, inspired by their remote community home in WA’s Pilbara, are using their school holidays to create a futuristic world with a new virtual reality film titled Future Dreaming.


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