Deserted Ghost Towns Set

Is there an eerier feeling than finding oneself alone amongst the abandoned ruins of what was once a flourishing human settlement? Some of our braver creators have ventured into a number of the saddest and most desolate towns one can imagine and we are sharing their experiences with you. Take a good long look at this set of deserted ghost towns and, if you are viewing with a VR headset in VR mode, we strongly advise you to sit down.

Please share this experience with your friends and foes alike.

6Goldfield, Arizona, by Rob van Gils

61Calico Ghost Town, California, by Thomas Humeau

62Modena, Utah, by Calvin Jones

63L. E. Bell House, Bodie, California, by Thomas Dideriksen

64Kirkwood House, Bodie, California, by Thomas Dideriksen

65Ghost Town Doel, Belgium, by Rick SeventyOne

66Welcome to Cisco, Utah, by John Wood

67Ghost Town Doel 2, Belgium, by Rick SeventyOne

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