New distribution partner for your 360Cities content:

Today we’re very pleased to announce that we have partnered with to distribute 360Cities content to Alamy’s worldwide customer base. Alamy is one of the top image licensing agencies in the world and a highly respected company. They have chosen 360Cities as their 360 content partner of choice as they introduce support for immersive imagery for the first time.

More than 150,000 images from the 360Cities database are now available to Alamy customers for licensing.

This new partnership with Alamy is a major step for 360Cities in our progress toward building a  global network of distribution partners. As you know, we share all sales from distribution partners with you 50/50 when your images are licensed by a partner’s customers.

By publishing all your 360 image and video content with 360Cities you increase your chances of earning licensing royalties because those images and videos are also shared with our distribution partner companies who may then also license them to their own customers. And there is no requirement for exclusivity. You can publish your work anywhere else you want.

NOTE: only 360Cities images WITHOUT added graphical logos, nadir covers, watermarks etc. will be available on, so if your images contain any graphics added by you, you’ll need to replace them in order to have a chance of earning royalties via Alamy. Click here for simple instructions on how to do that.

As always, thank you very much for all your contributions to the 360Cities community!

The 360Cities Team

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