Sri Lanka: The Resplendent Island

Let’s start out the new year by taking you to a tropical paradise, the resplendent island of Sri Lanka.  Again, you don’t need to worry about visas or plane tickets to come in from the cold…at least visually. You can view on your computer, tablet, phone, or VR headset.

Many thanks to the creators of these panos!


Sunset at the beach, South Sri Lanka by Martin Broomfield


Lighthouse in Galle, Sri Lanka by Luis Davilla


Dambulla cave temple, fifth cave, Sri Lanka by Malinka Ruslan


Aerial view from Ocean Edge, Sri Lanka by Chamitha Sankalpa Liyanage


Ruwanwelisaya stupa at noon in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka by Branimir Minkov


Sigiriya mountain, Sri Lanka by Luis Davilla


Second Water Garden, Sigiriya by Malinka Ruslan


Taprobane Island. Sri Lanka by Luis Davilla


Sunrise at Galle Sri Lanka by Rowland Kirishima


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