Nomad Contributor: Herbert J. Weber

Herbert J. got his first camera, a Voigtländer Vitessa, at the age of 18 at the end of his school education. He has been creating spherical and cylindrical photographs since 2011. Before that, as an amateur photographer, he only created normal (still) photos and published many thousands of photograph’s on the Panoramio platform, which no longer exists today.
Another very interesting hobby, he is a radio amateur. In 1972 he received his first license. In 1979 Herbert J. received the “large license” (A) to be able to transmit and receive on all frequencies permitted for radio amateurs. That was his favorite hobby until 2011.
A curious fact: Herbert J. also likes to collect and repair old clocks.

Herbert J. was awarded the Nomad badge in recognition of his more than 1,500 panoramas from countries like Germany, his home country, India, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Czech Republic, France, Cuba, Poland and other great places.

Travel the world thanks to Herbert J. 360º work!

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