Nomad Contributor: Martin Hertel

Martin is a panorama photographer from Franconia, Germany. Martin joined 360Cities way back in 2009 and he has been publishing his great 360º creations ever since. Martin and his camera have traveled to Italy, Iceland, France, Namibia, USA, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Austria, Czech Republic, UK, United Arab Emirates, and Canada. Check out a sample of … Continue reading Nomad Contributor: Martin Hertel

Maestro Contributor: Bill Edwards

Bill is a hiker, climber, photographer, writer… and an incurable romantic. He has been contributing his exceptional 360º images since 2012; a decade now!  Bill has created various types of 360º photography but his beautiful 360º mountain images, inspired by his passion for hiking and his love of mountains, stand out most. Bill’s eBook, Banquet … Continue reading Maestro Contributor: Bill Edwards

Video Contributor: Roman Nikhzol

Roman is a 360º videographer from Chile. He and his team create 360º VR experiences, 130 of which have been published so far on 360Cities.  Roman’s 360° videos feature the crater of an active volcano, electric windmill turbines, a sandy beach on a tropical island, autumn and tropical forests, cows resting in a meadow, and … Continue reading Video Contributor: Roman Nikhzol

Nomad Contributor: Herbert J. Weber

Herbert J. got his first camera, a Voigtländer Vitessa, at the age of 18 at the end of his school education. He has been creating spherical and cylindrical photographs since 2011. Before that, as an amateur photographer, he only created normal (still) photos and published many thousands of photograph's on the Panoramio platform, which no … Continue reading Nomad Contributor: Herbert J. Weber

Maestro contributor: Ramin Dehdashti

Ramin is a prolific 360º photographer from Tehran Iran. He’s been publishing his work on 360Cities since 2008. His collection on 360Cities currently contains more than 200 panoramas, 27 of which have been selected as Editors’ Picks.  Go to Ramin’s profile page and visit Middle Eastern bazaars, bathhouses, deserts, traditional houses, mosques, palaces, and more. … Continue reading Maestro contributor: Ramin Dehdashti