Scheduled upgrade of 360 Cities servers

We are planning a scheduled downtime of the servers due to a transition to our new hosting provider.

We will start sometime in Monday morning, August 8th, and the process will last for at least 48 hours, maybe 72.

During the transition, the website will be read-only, users will not be able to log in to their accounts, upload any panoramas (not even via FTP), or change any account settings. The statistics for views and embeds will not increase. Basically everything about the website will remain the same, until the transition is finished. If you are a member of and you want some changes to be visible during the transition, please make sure you make your changes before Monday.

During the transition the site will generally be available but you can expect some funny stuff to happen, and glitches and bugs to pop up. We are sorry for that in advance. Panoramas in Google Earth will continue to function normally without interruption.

Thank you for your patience during the change. It will make the servers more reliable and available.

Update (Tuesday 10th): The transition is completed and we are up and fully operational again!

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