We Have a Winner Of The Second Treasure Hunt!

We’ve found the winner of the second London gigapixel treasure hunt. We will reveal who it is once we get all the necessary info about the winner (hopefully on Monday). In the meantime, here’s how some of the correct answers should have looked.

Just a reminder: You can still win something in the FIRST gigapixel treasure hunt – it’s not over yet because there are 10 nice Crumpler bags to win and we still haven’t received 10 submissions with all ten correct answers, so give the first treasure hunt a try!

Back to treasure hunt #2: this was all about finding 12 clues in the London gigapixel panorama. The winner, who we will reveal soon, answered all 12 clues correctly. Here are first four of them:

1. Sunflower

(there were many sunflowers in the London gigapixel, here’s one of them)

2. Sandwiches in park

(that was easy, wasn’t it?)

3. Broken bicycles

4. Three men in suits, three chairs on sidewalk and a “haircut”

(this one was really descriptive, we just wanted to make sure you knew that you found it)

We will reveal the rest of the clues when we announce the winner on Monday.

The winner wins an awesome LCD 27″ panel from Fujitsu (read more about the prize in the treasure hunt blog post).

Fujitsu 27" LCD Panel
Click the monitor to visit the Fujitsu website

For those who missed it, here is the London 80 Gigapixel world record panorama in its full glory. Again: you can still win something in the first gigapixel treasure hunt – we have 10 nice Crumpler bags to give away and we still haven’t got 10 winners with all ten correct answers, so enter and give the first treasure hunt a try!

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