John Lagonikas Is The Winner Of The Fujitsu Treasure Hunt

We’ve found the winner of the second London gigapixel treasure hunt. He is from Greece and his name is John Lagonikas. Congratulations, John! John wins a top-of-the-line 27″ LCD monitor from Fujitsu!

John Lagonikas
John Lagonikas

John comments on the treasure hunt: I always had a thing for panoramic pictures. I still remember trying to learn the secrets of panoramas with my first digital camera back in 2001, and I always stop and look at interesting panoramas I stumble upon on the Internet. I was quite intrigued when my cousin Yiannis posted a link to the London gigapixel panorama on facebook, and I was absolutely amazed by its detail and quality. Being a frequent visitor of London I immediately started looking around for my favourite places, before I saw the treasure hunt tab and read about it. It seemed like a nice challenge and I took it up immediately and I have to say that I enjoyed playing it more than winning it. A many great thanks to Jeff for the amazing panorama and 360 Cities for the treasure hunt idea. Keep up the good work!

John wins an awesome LCD 27″ panel from Fujitsu (read more about the prize in the treasure hunt blog post). The prize will be mailed to him by Fujitsu.

Fujitsu 27" LCD Panel
Click the monitor to visit the Fujitsu website

John wins by being the first to answer all 12 clues correctly. Here are the correct clues:

1. Sunflower

(there were many sunflowers in the London gigapixel, here’s one of them)

2. Sandwiches in park

(that was easy, wasn’t it?)

3. Broken bicycles

4. Three men in suits, three chairs on sidewalk and a “haircut”

(this one was really descriptive, we just wanted to make sure you knew that you found it)

5. G-A-Y banner

(some people thought this was the answer to one of the clues in the first hunt for some reason…)

6. Ten minutes late for tea

(that’s ten minutes after the 5pm tea time)

7. The letters “C” and “O” on an iron globe

(there’s not much to explain here)

8. Two parked Royal Mail vans facing each other

(this was also very easy, wasn’t it?)

9. Westminster Cathedral tower

10. Minitrue

(Ok, this one was a bit tricky. If you Google ‘Minitrue’, the first hit is a Wikipedia article about Ministry of Truth from George Orwell’s novel 1984. Minitrue is a Newspeak term for the Ministry of Truth. The model for Ministry of Truth in his novel was the Senate House in London, where Orwell worked at the Ministry of Information during WWII.)

11. Whoopi Goldberg

(this is her, on a bus)

12. “River horse” followed by John Leahy’s novel

(River horse is another term for Hippo. John Leahy the writer wrote a novel Drome. Together, it’s Hippodrome in London)

For those who missed it, here is the London 80 Gigapixel world record panorama in its full glory. Again: you can still win something in the first gigapixel treasure hunt – we have 10 nice Crumpler bags to give away and we still haven’t got 10 winners with all ten correct answers, so enter and give the first treasure hunt a try!

4 thoughts on “John Lagonikas Is The Winner Of The Fujitsu Treasure Hunt

  1. Well done John!

    I though picture 5 in this treasure hunt was the answer to question 10 on treasure hunt 1 because Harvey Milk was victorious in his efforts…Victorian Milk (might need to google Harvey Milk)


  2. John the winner just wrote to us 🙂

    I just received the new monitor, it’s really really awesome! I haven’t turned it on yet (I’m at the office right now, I’ll wait till I go home for that), but it looks amazing. A huge thank you to all of you in 360 Cities and Fujitsu!



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