Editors’ picks of the week – Hamburg and Madeira

Let’s sit down and enjoy a couple of panoramic images that could brighten up your day a little bit. This week we’ll make a virtual trip to Madeira and Hamburg.

Markus Lissner made three lovely aerial shots in the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg. As a major port on the river Elbe, it plays a key part in logistics and industry in general. Despite that, it has a lot of beauty to offer – as you can see on Markus’ aerial panoramic photos – with the channels flowing in the city center and an interesting architecture with a visible industrial influence. Have a look!

Don’t forget to click the picture to open the pano and have a look around!



The second stop on our virtual trip across Europe is the Portuguese island of Madeira. It is actually the opposite to Hamburg – no housing estates, skyscrapers, heavy industry – just amazing landscapes and wonderful nature. Madeira has a lot to offer, from stunning mountain views to lovely beaches. So what kind of environment suits you better?


In case you don’t want this virtual trip to be over, keep scrolling – there’s more amazing places for you to explore.


Lake Uvac by Edin Dino Plojovic


Toranmal Hill Station by Aman Gujar


Cuba – Havanna – Parque Rumiñahui at Lamparilla by Ruediger Kottmann


June 4 Candlelight Vigil by wongchichuen


Below Ol Doinyo Lengai by Martin Broomfield





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