Interesting articles about VR – week #34

Leading Smithsonian Art Lovers Into VR


To digitally capture and render art-filled rooms inside the Smithsonian museum in intricate detail, the creators of SAAM VR turned to leading-edge computer technologies.  Inside the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM), the famous painting “Aurora Borealis” by Frederic Edwin Church depicts a glowing red sky, but unlike most 5-by-7-foot canvas paintings, this piece of art pulls visitors inside the celestial scene.


AltspaceVR Will not Shut Down its Virtual Hangout


AltspaceVR, the famous virtual reality, social hangout application that announced their shut down last month due to financial difficulties, appears to have been saved.


Neurable is letting people control VR experiences just by thinkingNeurable-brain-computer-interface.jpg

Boston-based tech start-up Neurable has created a brain-computer interface that lets people control virtual-reality (VR) experiences just by thinking. 
The start-up has created a game called Awakening that uses the technique, revealing it at Siggraph – a conference focused on computer graphics and interactive techniques that took place in Los Angeles from July 30 to August 3.


Who Has the Best VR and AR Hardware?

This year saw two mobile hardware giants, Google and Apple, reassert their support for AR and VR developers and entrepreneurs. Google’s improved Daydream 2.0 library of software will provide developers the ability to get their software running on more Android devices than ever. At their WWDC conference, Apple introduced ARKit, a rival software suite that will grant iOS devices a formal API for augmented reality development. While AR and VR are still arguably in their infancy, these moves by the two most influential mobile device companies show that the technologies are being embraced by the big hardware manufacturers. With wide AR and VR adoption on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to compare and contrast the most popular hardware platforms available for your app, as well as what’s required of your users.


For marketers, virtual reality offers real potential and opportunities


Is Virtual Reality a disruptive technology or all hype? This is the question that launched a thousand think pieces, yet even the most jaded VR cynic must admit that something feels different about this iteration of the VR boom.


Designing With AR: Everything You Need To Know


There are plenty of opportunities for designers and brands to explore the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) and how it can enhance creative work, provide entertainment or better society.


James Cameron: Let’s Make Movies In True VR


James Cameron who is famously known for films such as Titanic and Avatar is one of the frontrunners in the Hollywood industry. Most of his movies become a sensational hit where it breaks the billion dollar mark at the box office and sets new records.


How Samsung Gear VR Has Quietly Become the Dominant VR Headset


This week, Samsung will be revealing a new smartphone (Galaxy Note8) and — assuming the rumors are true — a new Gear VR headset. That isn’t too surprising to any of us that follow the industry. Their latest product release in April, a hand controller, was largely to play catch up to competitor Google Daydream. But the leading non-Cardboard based headset maker is due for a new splashy product launch, and now seems like good timing.



People have been altering their perceptions of reality for as long as there have been people, and in 2017, the newest and oldest tools for human transcendence are coming together: lately we’re eating psychedelic mushrooms to heighten or otherwise enhance our experience of virtual reality.


The 5 Best VR Games Of 2017 So Far


The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are now a year into their lifecycles and Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) isn’t far behind. We’ve seen developers really start to get much more comfortable with these headsets, and that’s lead to much bigger and better VR experiences compared to what we were seeing this time last year.


2 thoughts on “Interesting articles about VR – week #34

  1. An interesting read. Looking forward to true VR movies. Will be interesting to see where photography goes if there is more demand for 360 photography moving forward.


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