FTP Uploads For Your 360° Videos

Install an FTP client on your computer. Go to your 360Cities settings > FTP tab and copy and paste the FTP host name, user, and password on your FTP client. Select the videos (it also works with panoramas) from your computer and let it work.

Your videos (MP4/MOV/M4V) will be uploaded and processed, then you’ll be able to add their metadata and change the thumbnail picture too. Dashboard > My videos

Please ensure that your videos meet our 360º Video Requirements.

We’ve added a new section for 360º videos on your dashboard. You can access the 360° video menu from the header or from the new section.

360º Videos

We’re inspired by some of the 360° videos that have recently been uploaded. A few examples below:

Königssee Echo, Baden-Wuerttemberg, by Aerofotografie T. Emrich

Jewish prayers at the Western wall in Jerusalem by Maor Winetrob

Mocanita Steam Train Engine, Transsylvania, by Daniel Andreica

Cornexchange market Ipswich, England, by Valentin Arfire

Our licensing customers are looking closely at your 360° videos. We’ve been paying out royalties to those contributors whose 360° videos have been licensed. We’re confident that the demand will increase and are doing out utmost to support your efforts. You can find more information about 360° videos in our Help Guide.

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