Editors’ picks of the week

Last week we took you for a virtual trip to Hamburg and Madeira, this week we’ll show you some more amazing destinations. The newest edition of the Editors‘ picks is here! Don’t forget to click the pictures to open the panoramic photos.


Saddleback Butte State Park – Milky Way by Bryan Goff

This week we start in California, with an amazing shot of the starry sky above the Saddleback Butte State Park. It offers a wonderful view at the Milky Way, despite the light pollution from Los Angeles nearby. Isn’t this wonderful?


Kaena Point State Park, Oahu by TRAVELcandies

This is great. Ocean waves crashing onto the shore of Oahu, Hawaii. If you focus, you can almost hear the sound! Just be careful, don’t get wet!


Aircraft cockpit airbus A350 landing in Hong Kong by luis davilla

We simply love this one – here’s an interesting view to the cockpit of Airbus A350, with all the displays, buttons and all the complicated things we don’t understand. Sure, you can doubt if the view outside is real, but actually… who cares?


TZ Rhein-Main (Das Auge) by Patrick Zasada

Beautiful modern buildings look great on panoramic photos, no doubt about that – and this one from Germany is the proof. Just look at how the blue sky reflects on this amazing building! In cases like this we highly recommend switching between different views of the panoramic photo – it really gives you a whole new perspective!


Boat Matemwe Beach by Martin Broomfield

Let’s finish this week’s list with a nice romantic shot from Tanzania. The sun sets over the ocean, while we watch it from the coash on the Matemwe Beach. Seriously… it can’t get any better than this, can it?


More amazing panoramas coming your way, keep scrolling!


The Old Burying Ground Lexington Massachusetts by John Wood



Lörrach im Grütt by Markus Lissner



Sunset over lake, Valjevo by Aleksandar Nikicevic



Heritage. Gubkiv. Castle by Maxim Ritus



Business class in Airbus A350 by luis davilla


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