Editors’ picks of the week #4

It’s the start of another week, which means we bring you the most wonderful panoramic images uploaded to 360Cities recently. Let’s have a look – and don’t forget to click the pictures to open particular panoramas!


Water mirror with people enjoying around on a sunny day by Carlos Martin

This week we’ll start in sunny France. The sun is actually really important here, because if you want to enjoy this clever installation in front of the Place de la Bourse, you need as much light as possible to get the best reflection. Only sun makes the water surface look like a giant mirror!


Bar Harbor Milky Way by Vincent Lawrence

Is there anything more beautiful than a nice Milky way, shining on the clear night sky? We don’t think so, especially when we’re talking about panoramic photos. Vincent took this particular pano in the Acadia National Park, but hey – to be honest – the Milky Way looks amazing from any place on Earth.


Vyatlina peninsula at night by Ilya Palienko

And here’s the proof! This pano was taken in Vladivostok, Russia, and the Milky Way looks just as wonderful as on the previous pano. USA, Russia – it apparently does not really matter, right?


Arbenbiwak by David Rowley

Imagine spending the night in the Swiss Alps, bivouacking on this spot and waking up to this stunning view of Matterhorn. Thanks to this pano by David Rowley, you can have a look around and imagine what it would feel like.


Mirror Glass Symphony by Andrew Bodrov

This is great. And maybe confusing a little bit? Old industrial building with a set of small mirrors, offering a number of different places of the hall to explore only with your sight. We love this idea!

More amazing panoramic pictures below!


Tai Tam Reservoir Overflowing by wongchichuen


Furusato Museum by Christian Kleiman


Sunset between pyramids of queen Shanakdakheto and king Tanyidamani by Sergej Esnault


Castle Pierrefonds by EdouardAS


Spherical panoramic of Lake Clementine by Todd Quam

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