Editors’ picks of the week #10 – Enjoy Tours!

We know how tough a start of a week can be. Here we are to help you relax a little bit – sit back and enjoy some amazing panoramic pictures that will take you to various places on our planet. So „leave“ your work desk for a little while and… enjoy!


Classroom in Maschevo by Christian Obel

Well, this is not really a nice trip that you would like to take again. Christan takes you to Maschevo in Chernobyl area, a classroom where – as he points out – a little has changed since the tragedy of the nuclear plant. Quite scary, to be honest.


Leaning Tower of Pisa by Milan Rademakers

If you ever been to Pisa to see the famous leaning tower, you know the place can get really busy. So the only way how to avoid the crowds of tourists (despite actually being one of them), is to wake up early or plan your visit a little bit later than usual. Not only you will not need to find your way through the crowd, you can also enjoy the wonderful sunrise (or sunset in this case), casting the light at the tower!


Tai Tau Chau by wongchichuen

We simply can’t get enough of these aerial panoramic photos from Hong Kong. This one takes you to Tai Tau Chau, a little island, which is connected with the main land only with one footbridge, so narrow only two people can pass at the same time. You can actually see it in the pano!


Sunset, Banks Of Loire by dieter kik

This one is great. Just imagine chilling here with your friends, watching the sunset sitting at the bank of wonderful Loire and watching the waves passing you by. Quite a romantic spot, too – so if you happen to be on a date in Tours, this is exactly the place to go.


Illuminated Night View, Cathedrale Saint Gatien by dieter kik

Let’s stay in Tours, France a little while. Just have a look at this magnificent, majestic cathedral. Did you know it dates all the way back to 12th century? Well, it took almost four hundred years to finish, but they took their time and made it worth it. What an amazing building it is!


We’re not done yet, keep scrolling!


Karlskirche Vienna by Perspektiva 360


Abandoned Gas Station by Assaf Spiegler


Aerial view of Pyrenean mountains close to Iraty by Pierre Aubineau


Palio di Siena by Stefano Gelli


Iran 2017 Yazd desert town by Willy Kaemena

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