Editors’ picks of the week #12

It’s Tuesday, which means we’re one day late with our weekly round-up of the coolest panoramic photos uploaded recently. But better later than never, right?


Koko Head Park by TRAVELcandies

One of the cool places we take you to is Oahu, Hawaii. The Koko Head, where this pano was taken, is an amazing place with a natural park and many other wonderful places to see. Just have a look around and see it for yourself.


Blossoming Tulip Fields of Holland by Vil Muhametshin

Everybody knows that the Netherlands is a land of tulips. This view is amazing anyway, as the vast tulip fields cover the whole area, making it look so colourful and almost magical! There must be a flower for everyone!


Valle Campo di Dentro by dbortola

In the winter, Italian Alps are one of the top places for skiing. However, when it’s much warmer, it is also one of the greatest spots for hikes. That little road through the Valle Campo di Dentro simply invites you for a walk – or maybe a longer trail?


Tsz Shan Monastery by wongchichuen

From the architectural point of view, this monastery in the Tai Po District of Hong Kong is – of course – wonderful. What deserves your attention, though, is the bronze Guanyin statue. With its 76 metres in height, it is the second highest in the world!


Munsterplatz By Night by Flavio Di Mattia

This church in Münster, Germany, is of course, much higher – more than 161 metres! Fun fact – it was the world’s tallest building from 1890 to 1901! Its first construction phase began in 1377 and it took more than five hundred years to finish – worth the wait, really!


More panoramic photos coming your way, keep scrolling!


Derry By Night Murales by Flavio Di Mattia


Rapperswil-Jona Castle Courtyard by dieter kik


Kathmandu Durbar Square by Eugene Orlov


Glacier Des Diablerets by Flavio Di Mattia


Märchenbrunnen in Berlin by Jan Totzek

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