Editors’ picks of the week #13

We get hundreds of new amazing panoramic photos by our community photographers every week. It would be really bad if we didn’t share them with the ones who appreciate them most – you!


Shelter under the Stars by Wayne Drzewiecki

Sit back and relax. Enjoy this wonderful night shot of the Milky Way and the wonderful starry sky over the Hargraves lookout in Australia. Not much light pollution there, even though the spot is located not that far from Sydney. Great view anyway!


Lion’s Head Climb by Heiko von Fintel

Seriously, panoramic photos don’t get better than this. Wonderful view, great light, sunset – all of that together creates an amazing atmosphere, which makes you want to be there right now!


Areopagus Hill at the dawn by Alex Mayer

Athens is one of the most interesting ancient cities in Europe. Taking a walk in the historic places can be a good idea, but why not have a look at the Greece’s capital from a different point of view? The Areopagus is exactly the right spot for you – what a great view at the Acropolis!


Kolmanskop Ghost Town by Heiko von Fintel

Now this is a bit creepy! Kolmanskop is an abandoned mining town, slowly being overwhelmed by the Namibian desert, which apparently wants back what once used to belong to it. This seems like a shooting location for a good horror movie, right?


Trump Terrace by Pete Babij

From the desert to the civilisation! Chicago is one of the most iconic American cities, as there’s a lot of places to admire. This view from the Trump Building’s terrace is certainly one of them.


Florence Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore by Andrea Biffi




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