Editors’ picks of the week #18 – Geneva

The holidays are unfortunately over and some of us have to get used to being back at work, or school. In case you’d like to relax a little bit, join us for another quick virtual trip across the planet!


Tallinn Christmas Market by Andrew Bodrov

Christmas markets are so popular across Europe, because who wouldn’t like to take a little stroll in the historical city centre, have a hot wine, grab something little to eat and enjoy the wonderful Christmas decorations?


Lavaux Vineyard Terraces by Dong Liu

In case this pano makes you say ‘Wow!’ it is absolutely ok to be stunned, as these vineyard terraces in the Switzerland look simply amazing. It is a great example of how the civilisation can interact and use the nature without destroying it!


Geneva sunset by Dong Liu

Geneva and the lake of the same name nearby is actually one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Especially when the sun sets behind the mountains and the wonderful colours cover both the calm surface of the lake and the roofs of the city, it is a view you will never forget.


Rhone and Arve river confluence by Dong Liu

One more from Geneva! This is the spot where two rivers – Rhone and Arve – meet in the city. The cool thing about this is the colors of the two rivers, while one is than the other, they mix and continue further down the country as Rhone.


Walmendinger Horn by Erik Krause

Austrian mountains are the place to go if you love skiing. But they are definitely worth visiting even in the summer, as they provide countless opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. For example, climbing all the way up the Walmendinger Horn rewards you with this view!


More amazing panoramas below!


Chianciano Terme by Frank Ellmerich


Traian bridge by Liviu Jurca


Rottälligrat advanced by Melina Merkle


Oriente Square by Pietro Faccioli


Porto Venere-Church of St. Peter by Sergio Contrafatto

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