Interesting articles about VR – week #1

Virtual reality takes local seniors on adventures, improves emotional well-being


Aging can be a depressing and isolating experience — but lately the mood seems to be shifting for a group of residents at senior living provider Ebenezer Minneapolis. They’ve been off on a series of adventures, floating down the Mississippi River, walking in the Northwoods, roaming around Stonehenge and standing center stage at a concert — all without ever leaving their building.

Worlds collide: VR and AR in 2018


Oculus, the company responsible for kickstarting the $2 billion virtual reality marketplace, knows virtual reality is not the future. As its engineers pour millions of Facebook’s dollars into the second generation of VR headsets, the company’s head of research, Michael Abrash, is preparing for a world where augmented reality dominates our everyday lives.

What is the difference between HoloLens, Meta 2 and Magic Leap?


Augmented reality is beginning to leak out into the mainstream world. This is thanks, in part, to ARKit and ARCore making their debuts this year. These releases turned the current smartphones owned by millions of Apple and Android users into AR-capable machines. Within a few short weeks, some of the most talked about apps in Apple’s App Store were AR apps.

Virtual reality’s best experiences and biggest (teleportation) steps in 2017


If 2016 was the year that true home-VR systems arrived, 2017 may be best described as the year that they didn’t die. Backhanded as that may sound, this compliment is indeed sincere. In spite of a lack of major, industry-changing hardware arriving, virtual reality games and apps continue to be produced, and aging headsets continue to sell (thanks, in part, to dropping prices and cheaper compatible computers).

VR Trend 2017


2017 marks the spot when we see the drought in VR industry, AR took the spotlight, VR arcade everywhere, Resident Evil 7, the very first standalone VR headsets from Oculus and HTC, unexpected achievements and announcement from giant techs.

How augmented and virtual reality will reshape the food industry


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