Editors’ picks #22 – Romantic Lisbon

We have finally announced the winners of the most important competitions for 2017 – best panoramic video and the best panoramic photo. The winners deserve the respect (and the fame, of course), but now it’s the right time to start looking for this year’s contenders!


Christmas Trees in the financial district by Auggie Werner

As well as the two major competitions, the Christmas are over already (and it’s actually been a while), but we’ll get back to those times for a little while. In the financial district of Toronto, three huge Christmas trees were shining on the cold, grey office buildings surrounding them. Does that make the whole place a bit nicer?


Vinales valley – Tobacco farm by Ruediger Kottmann

Cigarette industry is, unfortunately, one of the most successful in the world these days. The tobacco is harvested at huge farms, but this one in Cuba, seems like one of those small, rural ones.


Lisbon, São Cristóvão by Pietro Faccioli

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the most romantic cities in the world – mostly because of its amazing architecture and tiny, narrow streets and almost magical hidden spots like the ones pictured in these two panos. Lovely!


Circuit of Motoring GP Catalunya-Montmeló by José Miguel

Of course you know who Lewis Hamilton is, right? Well, he is the last Formula 1 driver to win at this circuit, where the Spanish Grand Prix takes place every year. Would you dare to challenge him?


More panoramic beauty below!


Mekongdelta, Weaving, Tinh Ben Tre by Hendrik Henschel


Fort Tinerkouk by Martin Broomfield


Sovetskaya 68 by Alexander Anderson


City of Arts and Sciences Valencia by Andrew Bodrov


Traditional Carpets of Morocco by Flavio Di Mattia

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