Interesting articles about VR – week #12

I Was a VR Skeptic Just Like You. Here’s What Brought Me Around

vr-skeptic-experience-CONTENT-2018 (1)

I’ve been dismissive of virtual reality and its potential for brands. You may have dismissed it, too. It’s hard to imagine popular adoption anytime soon. VR has looked like the emperor’s newest clothes, the latest marketing fad.

Top 25 VR Influencers to Follow in 2018


Virtual reality and augmented reality are not just the future of video gaming. They have applications across several industries, and the technologies are already being utilized in fields such as healthcare, professional sports, the automotive industry, and beyond. As VR and AR technologies become even more refined and widespread, expect an increase in the public’s awareness of just how valuable strapping on a headset can be. Whether you are an avid follower of virtual and augmented reality or your interest has been piqued and you find yourself wanting to know more about the industry’s potential, these influencers are worth following on Twitter.

Capability to Sniff & Adding Sense of Smell in VR


Currently in virtual reality world, the three most popular senses used are the visual, followed by audio and third is the touch. But imagine if one day we are able to sniff the smell of the roses or hot, black coffee in the virtual environment. Great, isn’t it? However, one of the challenge in adding the smell in VR is because the smell is also need to be updated in real-time based on where the viewer is in the simulated environment. Even in reality, if you sit in static place, the scents can come and go as and when. Hence, the system must have the capability to upload the smell rapidly into the system.

7 Must-Try Games and Experiences For VR Beginners


Opening the box to your shiny new VR headset is an exciting moment! There’s new tech to set up and hours upon hours of experiences and games to choose from. We’ve created a list of exciting new games and invigorating experiences for beginners to make a smooth and memorable transition into the VR ecosystem.

How to create empathy in VR


Producers of virtual reality often herald it as a shortcut to empathy. For example, in February at a fundraising conference in the UK, a Greenpeace manager reported that VR experience which transports viewers into the Amazon rain forest doubled the number of people who signed up for donations.

4 Ways AR Is Going To Change Our Lives


Augmented reality is not a sci-fi concept anymore. Many people have already expired it via their smartphones in the past. And AR is already of use in every bit of our everyday life. In order to be short, we would like to talk only about some of them, those ones which will change our lives most of all.

How mixed reality is changing the game for healthcare, from performing live surgeries to delivering ultrasounds in 3D


Last year around this time I had the chance to write a post about one of my favorite mixed reality uses cases – healthcare. 
Since that time, we have continued to see remarkable momentum for mixed reality across numerous facets of the industry. This week at HIMSS our team had the privilege to once again be on the ground to see and experience how customers and partners are embracing mixed reality to transform the way they innovate, support, and help others.

Google to Reveal “World’s Highest Resolution OLED-on-glass display” for VR Headsets in May


Google announced at last year’s Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week that the company was actively working on a VR-optimized OLED panel capable of packing in pixels at a density heretofore never seen outside of microdisplays – all at a supposedly ‘wide’ field of view (FOV). Now, it appears that the company is going to talk in detail about that high-resolution OLED at this year’s SID.

VR Challenger League Season 1 Brings New Meaning to Esports


Esports has been taken to a new level during the inaugural season of the VR Challenger League. Presented by Intel, Oculus and ESL, the world’s first VR esports league signifies a drastic change in the world of competitive multiplayer video games.

VR / AR Fundamentals — 5) Live & Social (+ Epilogue)


Welcome to the sixth and final session of VR/AR Fundamentals for my NYU Shanghai class, where I’m visiting faculty. The class is in the Interactive Media Arts group, modeled on NYU’s venerable Interactive Telecommunications Program, and is consequently very hands-on. But for this class, I’ve subjected the students to my sessions and to experiencing lots of VR directly before beginning any production. It worked well last semester. You’ll see some results and hear their attitudes in the Epilogue.


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