Interesting articles about VR – week #31

Virtual Reality in Entertainment


What is Virtual Reality? It’s a new world created by a lots of people around the world right now. Designers, developers, artists, editors in every part of the planet create new amazing VR products every day. Virtual reality appeared in science, medicine, education, tourism. Although, arguably, the largest industry it has conquered is Virtual Reality in entertainment.

VR Filmmaker Rafael Pavon: Virtual Reality is Not Yet Ready for Adoption


When we talk about disruptive technologies, we often also talk about emerging technologies. Virtual reality (VR) is one of these emerging technologies that is taking the world by storm. According to Grand View Research, the VR market will be worth $48.5 billion by 2025, which is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46.7%.

Leap Motion Concept Videos Imagine a World Where Augmented Reality & VR Merge


The shifting sands of immersive computing, currently fluctuating between augmented reality and virtual reality, can be hard to navigate if you’re only versed in one of the platforms. But a new series of videos from Leap Motion paints a picture of a near future world in which AR and VR will seamlessly merge together, forcing us to change the way we see both.

VR is in a tailspin, and the sales numbers prove it


If you watch CNN, you’ve likely witnessed the commercials for its CNN Go streaming app, which introduce the “new” (as of a couple years ago) virtual reality division. The ad shows reactions from people who’ve never tried VR before as they slip on a smartphone-based headset and react to the life-altering moment of experiencing VR for the first time.

Meet the gamers willing to spend hundreds of thousands living their video game fantasy


Self-made millionaire Jon ‘NEVERDIE’ Jacobs pulls up outside his opulent nightclub in an extravagant roadster and heads straight to the dance floor.

Magic Leap’s lackluster AR demo proves hardware is still hard


Magic Leap announced last week that its mixed reality glasses — which have been shrouded in mystery and hype for almost four years — will be available later this summer. What should’ve been exciting news unfortunately fell flat. In a developer chat on Twitch that same day, the company showed off a less-than-impressive prerecorded demo of a small rock golem throwing some rubble around. Compared to earlier videos of a crashing whale in the middle of a gym and a floating solar system, this just came off as disappointing. Was this all there was?

What is Virtual Reality?: Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews With the Leaders of the VR Industry


What is Virtual Reality?: Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews With the Leaders of the VR Industry

10 Projects That Have Us Excited About the Next Generation of VR & AR


With leading high-end VR headsets debuting in 2016, we’ve had about two years to see what the first-generation VR experience looks like. While there’s certainly a range of exciting games and other VR software coming soon to first-generation hardware, it feels like the market is steadily turning its attention toward next-generation technologies, and fostering a renewed sense of excitement and momentum. Here’s a smattering of exciting projects that are likely to influence the VR and AR space in the next two years.

VRARA Top 10 VR Best Practices Report


This report was created by the VRARA VR Stories & Audiences Committee. This Committee is creating best practices, guidelines, and call to actions (e.g., recommendations for standards) for VR experiences in order to grow the audience (user base) for VR. The Committee is a group of technologists, journalists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, visual artists, immersive sound technicians, and storytellers.

How To Get Started With VR As An Agency


Video content producers and freelancers, as well as production companies and marketing agencies, are popping up all over the place. It has become increasingly difficult – even for established companies and agencies – to stand out with their portfolio and references. Additionally, clients often demand further services alongside video production or traditional marketing services. Many companies try to keep up with these new challenges and turn their heads towards providing new services. Influencer Marketing, Chatbot Development, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, just to name a few.


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