Editors’ picks #33

We’re delayed a little bit, but you don’t have to worry – the Editors‘ picks are back!


Spectacular Sunrise at Whiritoa Beach by Christian Kleiman


This week we start with two magnificent panoramic photos from New Zealand. The first one takes you to Whiritoa Beach, where you can watch this amazing sunset. Isn’t this the most romantic place on the planet?


Amazing Whiritoa Beach by Christian Kleiman

The sunset is amazing of course, but why don’t you explore some remote spots of the beach before? Like this one, where the waves crash on rocks when the tide is low. Wow!


Lotus flowers of Anzali Lagoon by omid jafarnezhad

When you say Iran, one would not imagine a „field“ of green lotuses – but here we are in the Anzali Lagoon. This is definitely a place to visit, if Northern Gilan is your destination.


Nice View from the inside of Old boat by Adilson Honesto

This ship does not look like it ended well – shipwrecked and abandoned. However, when something ends, something new begins, and the wreckage is now a destination for tourists that want to explore and have an adventure of their own.


The Number one bridge of Beipan River by ho ring

This is the Beipan River Guanxing Highway Bridge, which connects Xingyi and Guiyang and with its height of 366 metres it used to be the highes bridge in the world, until the Hegigion Gorge Pipeline Bridge was opened.


White Chief Cirque & Canyon in Sequoia Canyon National Park by Allan Der


Lake and church of Wigry by Ludovic MEUNIER


Sunny Afternoon on a Rainy Season at One of the Busiest Streets in Downtown San Pablo by Mary Elaine Arrieta

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