Interesting articles about VR – week #32

Encounter Your Favorite Dinosaurs in Jurassic World VR Expedition


Available now at more than 100 Dave and Buster’s locations nationwide, they’re looking to take those who dare on a safari of a lifetime with Jurassic World VR Expedition, their latest and greatest gaming experience. But Dave and Buster’s is not only giving you a chance to play a new Jurassic World game; they’re giving you a chance to be in it with VIVE’s state-of-the-art VR technology.

VR180 POV: New Tech, Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving


VR180 is an interesting new format in the world of immersive media, finding itself placed snugly between the traditional 2D video format we are all used to, and the 360º degree video format that can be more daunting. With that in mind, we set out to discover how exactly VR180 technology works, how it can be used to tell strong narratives in different POVs, how a desired effect can be achieved, and how to work around problems that may exist in this format.

15 Greatest Examples of Virtual Reality Therapy


Mental illness affects one in four people across the world, making it one of the most pressing issues of our day. The prevalence of wars, economic instability, social tensions, and instances of random violence across the globe have pushed many past the point where they can cope effectively. For those who seek therapeutic solutions to restore their emotional wellbeing, virtual reality therapy offers new hope.

VDRAW: Digital Puppeteering App Translates User’s Keyboard & Mouse Movement And Voice To Onscreen Avatar


VDRAW is a tool that can express as a virtual character’s activity even casual work being done on PC. For example, if you use pen tablet for making illustrations, you can make it appear as if the virtual character himself draws illustrations… VDRAW is based on the concept that even people who do not have VR equipment can perform virtual character activities. The minimum device required for VDRAW is “mouse” and “keyboard” only. VR equipment and very high spec PC are not necessary. If it is a PC equipped with a microphone, it also supports lip sync that moves the mouth of the avatar according to the voice.

How To: Facebook Live Streaming with Wi-Fi


Craig Oda covered YouTube streaming configuration in a previous post. Here’s his new post on Facebook Live Streaming with Wi-Fi. Here’s the main points for Facebook Live Event setup for the Wireless Live Streaming plug-in. I found Facebook slightly easier to setup than YouTube.

Create true 3D virtual tours using 360 photos with Metareal Stage


Metareal Stage is a virtual tour platform where you can create 3D virtual tours using 360 photos. Unlike other 3D virtual tour platforms, Metareal can be created with any number of 360 photos and there’s no minimum number of photos (by contrast, Cupix requires the user to shoot a 360 photo every 5 feet).

Realidad virtual para el tratamiento del dolor


La humanidad siempre ha convivido con el dolor y el sufrimiento. Entender el origen del dolor y buscar diferentes formas de aliviarlo y sobrellevarlo mejor ha sido una tarea ardua que ha acompañado al hombre a lo largo de su historia. Algunos procedimientos médicos sin anestesia como endoscopias, hemodiálisis, quimioterapia, o estados de recuperación post-operatoria, entre otros, dan lugar a la presencia de malestar o dolor excesivo en muchos pacientes. En los ambientes clínicos el uso de analgésicos también resultan limitados en ciertos casos respecto de las dosis utilizadas debido a sus efectos secundarios (náuseas, sedación, disfunción en la cognición y constipación, entre otros efectos adversos) (Hoffman, 2011).

Why socializing in Virtual Reality will be much more than socializing – The future of Social VR


Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics said the renowned Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk. With Virtual Reality at disposal, there is literally no limit to the kind of creativity human beings can endure into. Like all amazing technologies, the real potential can be known only when it becomes a common element in our daily life. But nevertheless, it is more than fair from our part to have a look at some of the future prospects of Virtual Reality when it comes to online socializing.

Virtual reality pilot project allows seniors to escape their dementia


More than a dozen Calgary seniors living with dementia are visiting local attractions such as the Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park and the Calgary Stampede and all without ever leaving their home. 
Sharon Quinn just saw a tiger at the Calgary Zoo and she’s loving it.
“It was just great,” Quinn told CBC News.

Magic Leap One’s field of view leak signals another AR disappointment


Though Magic Leap has shared more information on its augmented reality headset in recent months, its latest revelations have been somewhat disappointing. Add this one to the pile: Developers have apparently unearthed details on Magic Leap One’s field of view — the “augmented” portion of your vision — and it’s only a little better than Microsoft’s HoloLens, not the great leap forward people have been expecting.


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